Skincare from the Inside Out: This Trend is Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

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Skin beauty begins from the inside; with a healthy body and a balanced mind. If neglected, so many things can occur - this includes premature ageing, scarring, tired skin, and so much more. Infused with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, skincare supplements are a brilliant way to maintain proper health and your appearance. They are also a great way to promote energy and improved mental function. This can significantly impact anti-ageing, helping with signs of stress and the other effects that ageing has on our skin. How can we let ageing take its course, whilst maintaining the energy, radiance and health of our youth? 

Introducing Lumity Life: Anti-Ageing Supplements

One skincare supplement that is taking the beauty industry by storm is Lumity's groundbreaking smart anti-ageing supplements. Developed by Cambridge University's Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, it helps tackle nine scientifically proven causes of ageing - resulting in incredible results that revolutionise the ageing process. With celebrity followers such as Kate Moss, Rebecca Adlington and actress Felicity Jones, there's no wonder why Lumity has us undoubtedly excited.

Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, a well-known dermatologist, even conducted an independent double-blind clinical trial. The results showed that while taking Lumity anti-ageing skincare supplements for 90 days, patients felt improvement in their overall wellness. This includes ‘waking up less, fewer colds, increased mental alertness, increased emotional balance, enhanced endurance, improved hair quality, stronger and healthier nails, better skin and increased skin hydration’. 

How do Lumity Skincare Supplements work? 

Lumity is a smart anti-ageing supplement with the ethos that beauty starts from within. When you take care of yourself and feel good, you radiate it on the outside. Lumity supports the body and minimises damage through protection, repair and cellular efficiency to become an integral step in your beauty and wellness routine.

This four-week treatment includes skincare supplements for the morning and evening. Lumity Anti-Ageing Supplements contain a mix of vitamins, omega fatty acids, amino acids and minerals support optimum health for healthy-looking glowing skin whilst nourishing your body and improving energy levels. The twice-daily formula stimulates and strengthens your natural immunity with additional benefits of deeper sleep and general wellness by effectively countering the nine stages of ageing.

Lumity anti-ageing supplements contain the following vitamin, minerals and essential nutrients: 

  • - Vitamin A
  • - Vitamin C
  • - Vitamin D3 
  • - Vitamin E 
  • - Iodine 
  • - Magnesium
  • - Zinc
  • - Coenzyme Q10
  • - Flaxseed oil 
  • - Amino acids

As well as providing all of the essential nutrients your body needs, Lumity's Anti-Ageing Supplements are free from anything it doesn't require. It contains none of the anti-nutritional binding agents, coatings, fillers, anti-caking agents, preservatives and flavourings found in most other supplements.

How To Use Lumity Skincare Supplements

AM: 3 soft gels each morning formulated with our vita complex, vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc will help protect your body on a cellular level against oxidative stress.

PM: 3 soft gels at bedtime reinforce the antioxidant and anti-glycation action of the morning softgels. Crafted to maintain the skin from the inside out with our RENEW COMPLEX. High in Omega 3s and amino acids, which keeps skin elastic, radiant and supple.

Beauty You Can Feel - Science You Can Trust 

Lumity is the one and the only supplement you need to address all nine causes of ageing. Watch the video:


If you are struggling with premature ageing, chronic skin conditions, low energy, or are seeking a way to enhance the effects of your current skincare routine then contact us to find out how Lumity Life can dramatically impact your life.

Latest update: 24/03/2021
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