5 Things That Only People With Oily Skin Will Understand

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Do you struggle with oily skin every day? Are you tired of experiencing face powder fail by mid morning? You're not alone - oily skin is one of the top appearance complaints of most young people. If you're the sort of person who buys mattifying primer, toner and foundation in bulk, here are five things that will all ring true...

1. Should You Wear Makeup Today? The Answer is Probably No...

Makeup in hot weather? No, it will slide off your face in the sun. Makeup on a cold day? No, the central heating will have it melting by midday. Make up on a normal day? You'll still have an oily nose. Basically, you probably won't want to be wearing make-up full stop, unless you're prepared to go all-out on the mattifying prep products front.

2. Washing Your Face as Late as Possible for Leaving the House Makes no Difference

That oil is still gleaming on your T-zone several hours later. And you're left frantically applying powder in the ladies by mid-morning!

3. Beauty Articles About Cream or Gloss Makeup Products Leave You Crying With Laughter... or Just Crying!

The prospect of applying anything with a gleam to your already 'glowing' face is straight ridiculous. Thank god for matte formulations. Matte foundation, matte eyeshadow, matte lipstick. You'll bring the shine, whether it's required or not.

4. When Someone Talks to You Intently, You're Convinced They Are Staring at Your T-zone and Questioning the Size of Your Pores...

Or maybe they are even attempting to use your face as a mirror? Maximise your stress levels if you're eating junk food at the time. You just *know* they are wondering why someone with such oily skin would risk making it worse, right?

5. Your Pillows Need Washing All The Time

Because they otherwise look like blotter pads. And don't talk about mobile phones. Ever actually spoken to someone on your phone and then looked at your handset? Thank god for wipes.

Still, before you despair too much about your oily skin, remind yourself of this: skin with a high oil content also tends to age better than dry and sensitive skin. So, console yourself with the fact that you'll look younger for longer and concentrate in the meantime on applying your smartphone filters to cancel out that selfie gleam!

In the meantime, for expert advice on successfully treating oily skin, speak to Skinstation. We have some fantastic products available to help you combat a frustrating problem like oily skin! 

Contact us for advice - we're here to help! 

Latest update: 14/09/2017
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