5 Winter Skin Care Tips

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The winter months can seem like an especially difficult time to keep your skin in a healthy and glowing condition. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which in fact, can steal moisture away from the skin. Without care straight way and plenty of attention in these chilly months, dry skin can lead to much worse problems.

While additional moisture can help your skin, you should be doing more to counteract the effects of winter on your skin. Simply follow these top tips, invest in the right products and give yourself some TLC, you can fight the winter blues and feel as refreshed and rejuvenated as you would in the milder seasons!

Moisturise Overnight

Did you know the best time to moisturise is at night, while you sleep? This is because your skin is not being exposed to the stressors that age and dry the skin. Performing your night time beauty regime is vital to keeping your skin beautiful in colder weather, and by keeping on top of this you can help to repair skin and help control the effects that winter has on your skin.

Dryer areas such as your hands, feet, elbows and knees have thin skin and tend to lose moisture faster, so be sure to not forget these ones!

Product Suggestion: Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3 % Refining Night Cream




Moisture can’t get into our skin cells if there are dead cells are in the way; which means we must exfoliate to remove this barrier and see a difference.

 Find an exfoliator for your face as well as your hands and lips, as these areas are in need of attention in winter. Of course, everybody is different and if you have areas more prone to dry, flaky skin then be sure to treat this with attention too. If you follow your exfoliating routine with a good moisturiser, you will see the difference quickly.

Product Suggestion: Obagi CRX System C- Exfoliating Day Lotion


Wash and Moisturise

Hot showers and baths are always a lovely treat when its chilly outside. In winter we love to turn the heat right up, and we don’t like getting out. However, when you can, particularly when washing your face and hands, avoid using water that is too hot and opt for luke warm water, as this stops too many oils being stripped away from your skin.

After washing your skin in luke warm water, make sure you moisturise straight after! Applying moisture to damp skin helps to seal in the softness. Maybe keep a bottle by the bath and at every wash, use some.

Product Suggestion: MZ Skin Hydrate and Nourish Age Defence Retinol Day Moisturiser


Change your Cleanser

Many cleansers can be particularly drying to your skin. If you are using products which contain glycolic or salicylic acid; you should opt for investing in another hydrating version to balance the two out, or just replace this  in colder months.

After cleansing your skin, remember that you shouldn’t leave your skin for longer than 30 seconds, so be sure to apply a toner and moisturise straight away to seal the moisture.  A convenient option is to purchase an all in one cleanser with toner.

Product Suggestion: Dr Dennis Gross All-in-One Cleanser with Toner


Avoid Toxins, Allergens and Irritants

Your skin is especially fragile and sensitive in Winter, which means you need to pay more attention to taking care of it. If you suffer from skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis, it is all the more important for you to avoid any allergens and irritants which may cause a flare up. Avoid irritating fabrics such as wool and any chemical based detergents that could trigger the symptoms.

Opt for milder cleansers and moisturisers which are better suited to sensitive skin.

Product Suggestion: Obagi Gentle Cleaner


While winter means plummeting temperatures, steaming hot showers and the joy of the central heating finally being turned on-  these things don’t lend themselves to a healthy glowing complexion. At this time of year, you should give your skin a little bit more love, and it is sure to show you the love back.

If you would like any further information on which products could benefit you this winter, simply get in touch with our expert team. With our wealth of experience, we are confident we can find you a winter skin care solution.

Latest update: 11/11/2019
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