Autumn Skincare Staples For Glowing Skin

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Summer is almost over, and Autumn is just around the corner. With the heatwaves coming to an end your skin will begin to notice the difference in the temperature and you’ll soon be able to see the visible effects.

SPF, serums and the Summer sun gives us a healthy, dewy glow, as we move into the Autumn months and the days get darker we’re here to share our skincare secrets so you can continue your summer radiance through the rest of the year.

Vitamin C

When anyone talks about skin brightening we immediately think of the skin illumination hero ingredient that is vitamin C. In its purest form vitamin C is known as l-ascorbic acid, so one top tip to achieve glowing skin in Autumn is to ensure you have this powerhouse ingredient in your daily skincare routine.

For skin that glows try the Professional C Serum 15% from industry leading brand Obagi Medical. This serum contains 15% l-ascorbic acid, a potent antioxidant that will fight away free radicals which are otherwise a known cause of premature ageing.

This vitamin C serum will brighten the skin by helping to reduce pigmentation, creating a more even, radiant complexion that shines brighter throughout Autumn.



You may be wondering why an SPF is on the glowy skin essentials list when Summer is almost over. UVA rays are present all year round, whether it’s Summer or Winter, so to keep your skin protected, and looking youthful an SPF really is a must have. 

We’d recommend the Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50. Add a few drops of this into your daily moisturiser and keep your skin shielded from UVA and UVB rays all day long. This innovative serum promotes skin cell regeneration to help create a clearer, smoother, more lifted appearance.



Retinol is a year long skincare essential, great at boosting skin’s radiance all year long. It’s especially brilliant to use retinol as we transition from Summer to Autumn to help exfoliate any dead skin cell build up that often comes with the drop in temperature.

The MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster will be a marvellous Autumn skincare addition. This collagen stimulating serum contains 2% encapsulated retinol. This form of retinol is particularly great for those who haven’t used retinol before as the encapsulation will prevent pure retinol from sitting on the surface of the skin, which can cause inflammation and redness. Instead the retinol will disperse slowly over time once it has penetrated the skin, so you can experience all the benefits without the downfall. 

This serum will speed up the skin cell turnover cycle, exfoliating dead skin cells and revealing fresher, more youthful skin underneath. By doing this pigmentation, congestion and wrinkles will be reduced and rejuvenated giving you that healthy glow.


Autumn Skincare Top Tip

Retinol and vitamin C are great when used separately but layering these products together is a big no no! Your skin needs to be at a pH of 0 to 3.5 to absorb vitamin C, whereas it needs to be approximately 5.5 to 6 to absorb retinol. Layering these products together will average out the pH of the skin, making both products non-beneficial.

To get both vitamin C and retinol into your skincare routine stick to applying vitamin C in the morning and retinol serums at night time - this way you’ll experience the great skin benefits of both products!

So now you know the top 3 skincare products to keep your glowing Summer skin radiant you can prepare for a healthy, dewy complexion throughout Autumn.

Latest update: 17/08/2021
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