How to Get the Perfect Tan With The Dr Dennis Gross Glow Pad

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If you have fair skin and want a little tint of brown, it doesn’t mean you need to risk sitting in the sun to get that dream tan. In fact, that’s a big no-no from us and pretty much any skin care professional you’ll ever meet. If your tanning options are a sunburn, solarium or a little self-tanner, we highly encourage you to opt for the latter.  When you want a healthy, non-orange glow, you can trust the selection of products available from the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad series for a perfect customisable tan. Besides the covetable glow, you can also get anti-ageing and exfoliating benefits with each application too. Where do we sign up?

why the dr. dennis gross glow pad?

The Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads come in perfectly dosed self-tanning towelettes, which make them super convenient for mess-free application. Yes, that even glow is just one easy application away!

All you need to do is apply the treated pads in a circular motion. Then wait for 3-4 hours for that natural tan to blossom evenly on your skin. That’s it! 

Now, doesn’t that sound like an absolute dream tan situation? No mess, no nasty sunburn! Another plus is that this product is streak-free and does not have that horrible self-tan smell, so it’s perfect for same-day application before a night out or important event.

What’s more, if you’re striving for the perfect, customisable tan, there are two products from the Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pad range to choose from. Select the option that suits you and gives you a natural-looking tint that suits your skin tone. You may want to opt for the Gradual Glow pack that comes with a promise to give you a buildable golden look. Or there is also the Intense Glow pack formulated specially to give you a deeper bronzed tan.

Aside from equipping you with a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow, the unique formulations of Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pad products make them a potent weapon against a range of skin issues too. You may want to include one of the products in your skin care regimen to get rid of those frustrating fine lines and wrinkles. What makes the formula so effective in treating the common signs of ageing is its powerful blend of acids that exfoliate dead skin to give you smooth, blemish-free, and tanned skin. The powerful blend combines rejuvenating acids, including:

  • - Lactic acid – accelerates cell renewal after exfoliation of dead cells
  • - Hyaluronic acid – moisturises the skin for a long time, thanks to its time-released hydration
  • - Willow bark extract – works on dissolving dead cells and clearing pores to give you a smoother glow
  • - Glycolic acid – reduces those visible signs of ageing, fine lines, blemishes, and wrinkles

The powerful concoction is a cut above the rest of most products on the market because it’s thinking one step ahead and is intended to give you a smooth base first ahead of applying that ultimate customisable tan. Pretty clever, huh?

Alpha Beta Glow Pad 

what makes the dr. dennis glow pad range unique?

It is the only self-tanner with active Vitamin D that provides you with smoother, healthier skin through surface exfoliation. The odourless, streak-free application is enriched with Microencapsulated DHA and Soy Protein that deliver deep colour into your skin, providing you with a natural glow. The formulation works magically (yes, it literally is almost just like magic!) to prevent fading through exfoliation, tightening pores, eliminating blackheads, and reducing existing sunspots. 

To achieve that perfect customisable tan and a deeper glow, it might even help to increase the number of repetitions with the pre-soaked pad. As we said, this tan is completely customisable so apply in a way that works for you and your skin. If you seek professional tanning results at home without the need for added concealer and foundation, opt for the Dr. Dennis Gross range which is considered the best natural product on the market. You will love it once and forever!

If you only take out a few key points from this post just remember: sun-kissed safe tan without the sunburn, deep glow, easy application, customisable colour and powerful ingredients that have skin-enhancing benefits at the same time. Need we say more? Check out our Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pad range here. 

Latest update: 13/11/2019
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