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Acne is a medical condition that should be taken seriously, as it affects 80% of people at some time in their lives. Adult acne is thought to affect mainly women, due to hormonal changes, but can also be genetically inherited. Acne is a problem that distresses people because it affects their physical appearance and, therefore, their self confidence. However there is a solution: a rigorous skincare regime using scientifically developed, medicated cleansing products. Our Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. medicated skin care range is amazing at fighting spots, fading marks and preventing acne from returning.

The Products

We have two different CLENZIderm facial cleansing ranges. The first is designed for spot-prone skin that is dry. The creamy cleanser,  gel lotion and soft moisturizing cream makes sure the skin isn’t stripped of moisture levels, therefore leaving skin smooth as well as clear.

Step 1 Daily Care Cream Cleanser: this cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use and won’t cause irritation. It’s creamy sulphate base provides anti-bacterial action and will dissolve dirt from deep inside pores.

Step 2 Therapeutic Lotion: potent gel delivers soluble benzoyl peroxide deep within the follicles where acne starts. Quickly clears acne and prevents new breakouts from occurring.

Step 3 Therapeutic Moisturizer: this glycerin-rich moisturizer won’t clog pores. It calms, soothes and protects skin for enhanced comfort. 1% Dimethicone provides a breathable barrier to soothe and protect skin, whilst 20% Glycerin hydrates to provide a skin barrier against loss of moisture.


The second CLENZIderm range is designed for normal to oily skin. The active ingredients ensure excess oil is dissolved and all pores are unclogged, leaving skin free to breathe.


Step 1 Daily Care Foaming Cleanser: this is suitable for oily skin because the foam is water based rather than creamy, so it will wash away dirt and leave skin with a naturally healthy moisture balance. The formula contains salicylic acid, which kills acne-causing bacteria and includes menthol to sooth any irritation.

Step 2 Pore Therapythis is a toning lotion which is applied after cleansing. Once dirt has been lifted out of pores, this solution will help to sweep them clear away. The formula penetrates into the pores, ensuring the skin is cleaned past the surface level.

Step 3 Therapeutic lotion: the middle step for the dry skin regime can be used as the final stage of the oily skin routine. This is because dry skin needs added moisture and oily skin provides its own natural moisture. The benzoyl peroxide provides an anti-septic, to reduce inflammation of acne and will also fade scars.


The Active Ingredients


Benzoyl Peroxide: this oxygenating compound is completely safe on the skin, although it may dry it out, so combine with a moisturiser if your skin is already dry. BPO is an anti-septic and an anti-bacterial substance. It will reduce the size and redness of acne, and at the same time kills ‘P. Acnes’; the strain of bacteria that causes spots. As well as this it acts as a peeling agent, meaning dead, damaged or old skin cells are lifted from the surface, therefore preventing pore blockage.

Salicylic Acid: this is a type of Beta-hydroxy acid which occurs naturally in willow tree bark. Because the acid is soluble in liquid, we add it to our products so that it can be absorbed into the Dermis; the second layer of skin. Whilst the products are being washed off, the acid draws out oil and dead skin cells which are blocking pores and causing spots.

In order to achieve clear, smooth and acne-free skin you must use Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.

Products systematically and reliably to prevent build up of impurities and keep your skin bacteria free. Choose the right range for you, depending on the natural moisture levels of your skin. Use each product in turn twice a day and you will see improvements in as little as two weeks.

Latest update: 06/11/2019
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