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Last week we discussed the best skin care routine for dry and oily skins. This week we’re having a look at the other main types, the combination and sensitive type of skin.

We live in an age where everybody is aware of how our peers and the world look at us, and the first thing we all notice about ourselves and others is always the skin.

Therefore, knowing that you have either a combination or sensitive skin, will help you find the appropriate routine to look after it for the best results if you want glowing, healthy skin right into your senior years. Very often the best results are achieved specifically because we understand our skin and we use the products best suited for our type of skin.


This type of skin possesses characteristics of both the dry and oily skin type, and therefore you may have to look at the routines followed by those with dry, as well as those with oily skins.

The best way to characterise this type of skin is to know that you may have an oily forehead, nose and chin – and often fairly dry cheeks. Therefore the first important tip is to avoid too much moisturiser since it may lead to clogged pores, which leads to, for example, acne.

The important thing with combination skin is to ensure you follow a routine that you repeat on an ongoing basis. Make sure you follow a daily routine – morning and night – that always includes a proper cleanse and moisturiser. Here are some valuable tips for the combination skin:

  • Use a gentle cleanser, preferably twice a day.

  • Exfoliate, just as everybody does, but remember not to overdo it on the combination skin. You do not want to over-stimulate the processes that cause dry – or oily – skin. Be gentle and use a product suitable for all skin types.

  • Moisturise – Every skin type needs it; however, be careful you don’t overdo it. You do not want to over-stimulate sebum forming.

All skin types benefit from a regular routine. Just as you apply and remove makeup, be sure to treat your skin with all the best cleansers, balms and moisturisers regularly. And remember that enough sleep still remains a weapon against premature ageing of the skin.


This type of skin is best described as the type that may show signs of easy irritation. It also has characteristics in common with dry and combination skin – not so much with oily skin. Therefore conditions such as sun exposure, heat and cold, chemicals found in products such as makeup, allergies and wind may all lead to irritation of the sensitive skin.

You will notice this when you itch, or the skin looks dry, pores are blocked, or you see unnatural redness on the skin. This type of skin is best looked after by remembering a few key factors:

  • Always wash the face with a gentle cleanser - never a harsh product that contains alcohol and preservatives, for example – that will soothe and calm while you’re cleaning. Always wash the skin gently, naturally – not vigorously.

  • Stay away from regular toning, for example, since it may dry out the skin. Look for a toner formulated for sensitive skins and use it with care.

  • Be sure to moisturise regularly with a soothing, gentle moisturiser. You need a moisturiser known for its hydrating qualities, a product that soothes gently while replenishing the lots moisture (which may have led to the dryness in the first place).

  • A weekly exfoliation is recommended – once again: not a harsh scrub!

  • Be sure to apply a nourishing mask once a week, and make sure it is known for its soothing qualities.

It is important to remember that you need, just like other skin types, a good cleanser, quality moisturisers and all the additional treatments that your skin can benefit from – with the emphasis on gentle, soothing products such as the Gentle Cleanser from Obagi or Skinceuticals, for example. Be sure to apply your cleanser day and night. The same goes for your moisturiser.

Latest update: 06/11/2019
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