ACNE: Myth VS. Reality

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We’ve all been told from a young age that eating too much chocolate or greasy foods gives you acne, or “you’ll get more spots if you pop them”, well research has suggested that these may in fact be myths. Acne is a common skin disease characterised by clusters of small red pimples, these are caused by a build up of pores being blocked by oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.

The Facts

  • Around 80% of 11-30 year olds are affected
  • Facial scarring due to acne can affect up to 20% of people
  • Around 5% of women and 1% of men over 25 experience acne

MYTH: Stress causes acne

REALITY: Spots often appear when a person is stressed or feeling down, stress can affect your hormones and in turn theoretically cause spots, however, this is normal and does not mean you will then experience severe acne. Your time is much better spent researching and thinking about the right type of acne treatment for you.

There are numerous treatments available for the decreasing or removing of acne or acne scars, for example, the Lustre Pure Light Acne Treatment is a revolution in skin and acne treatment. Lustre Pure Light works by harnessing the safe and natural blue aspect of the visible light spectrum, using clinically proven technology to be gentle on skin and also eliminate spot-causing bacteria. A 100% safe method with just a 1 hour suggested use per day over a 12-week treatment period will start to show incredible results.

MYTH: Eating fatty foods causes acne

REALITY: No scientific evidence yet supports this. There is no research to imply this statement is correct or in any part true – you are not what you eat, however, eating a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle is good for your health so aim to eat as well as you can.

MYTH: The Sun is great for clearing up skin

REALITY: A good sun tan can cover up any redness caused by spots, but there is no solid evidence that it is a great cure, although, it has been suggested that 10-20 minutes per day of sun exposure for people with a lighter complexion, and 20-30 minutes per day for people of a darker skin type may prove to be beneficial for those suffering from acne symptoms. Remember, over exposure to sun rays can cause skin damage and this will lead to skin being irritated and sore.

MYTH: Only teens get acne

REALITY: This is incorrect. Acne has become increasingly common throughout the adult generation over recent years for unknown reasons; adult acne is treated in the exact same way as teen acne; through daily routine treatments and medication.

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Latest update: 06/11/2019
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