Are You Getting Enough ZZZZZ? Top Tips on Banishing Tired Looking Skin

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“You look tired” is a phrase that no one wants to hear, yet it’s one that is frequently aimed at us by our friends, family and strangers (Rude? Maybe. True? Probably.)

It’s a polite way of telling someone that they don’t quite look 100% without actually coming out and saying it. Unfortunately, for those of us who are no longer in our early twenties, we’re painfully aware that our tiredness is written right across our skin.

Studies show that almost half of women in the UK believe that they look and feel tired every day.  For those over the age of thirty, 70% admit that they would be happy with looking more rested than younger.

If you find yourself reaching for the concealer every time you check out your reflection in the mirror, we suggest you take note of the following top tips.

Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep is the most obvious yet effective solution to curing those bags that have taken residence under your eyes. It’s not just something that skincare experts or health professionals spout for no reason – sleep really does have a huge impact on your skin. 8 hours is recommended – so going to bed earlier is needed for those not even coming close to getting the 8 hours.

Our skin heals and restores itself during the night – something you’re preventing from happening when cutting the hours you sleep.

Exercise in the Morning

Getting out of bed in the winter is a chore in itself but now we’re telling you to get up earlier to exercise? We can hear collective groans from women all around the UK. Hear us out – exercise can be very beneficial for your skin! Exercises such as walking, swimming, and cycling improve your blood circulation and the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the skin. Yup – exercise gives your skin a much needed healthy looking glow!

It doesn’t have to be a full on work out – simply walking or cycling to work instead of driving can have the desired effect.

Improve Your Skincare Routine

The key to improving any skincare problem is adopting a brilliant skincare routine. This should be carried out every single day for it to be effective. Regular cleansing and moisturising are essential when it comes to achieving smooth and glowing skin.

There are a number of products available to combat bags under the eyes, including the fantastic ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum which we have available here at Skinstation as part of our Obagi ELASTIderm range. It’s a serum that has been produced to wake up your eyes! It contains caffeine which helps to combat that awful puffy look under the eyes – so you’re getting your fix of caffeine in a more beneficial way than your morning coffee.

Remember to remove your makeup in the evening. It gives your skin time to breathe and stops your pores from clogging up.

Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day

Dehydration can drain your energy and leave you feeling tired. Even worse? It can leave you looking just as tired too! This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of water during the day. You should be aiming to drink at least 8 glasses a day – feel free to drink even more!

Water doesn’t magically make your skin look refreshed but it does prevent dehydration which is the biggest cause of tired looking skin. Drinking water regularly will prevent this from happening in the first place.

So there you go! We hope these tips help you wake up your skin in the morning so that you never have to hear the dreaded “you look tired” again.

If you would like more information about any of the products that we have available here at Skinstation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Just give us a call on 01481 736699 and a member of our team will be happy to help. You can also contact us through Facebook and Twitter.

Latest update: 11/11/2019
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