Beauty Secrets: Sensitive Skin

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If you’ve ever reacted to makeup, noticed dry and itchy patches on your face or felt your skin become tight after cleansing, you may have sensitive skin. For those who have this skin type, it can be a real struggle to keep it under control, as many products can become irritants, causing rashes, dryness or breakouts.


We’ve said it plenty of times before, but that’s only because it is so important! Whatever your skin type is, moisture is essential to its health. Sensitive skin suffers when it dries out, so keep it well hydrated to make sure you have happy skin.


Watch What You Eat

Your skin is like a map of what is going on inside your body. If you’re in poor health, it is likely that your skin will give it away. Make sure you are getting a well-rounded diet with plenty of fruit and veggies. If you are suffering from rashes or flaky dry patches, it could be caused by something you are eating. Think about cutting out wheat, dairy or gluten to see if your skin is reacting to one of these ingredients.

Check the Labelskin2

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you will probably find that certain products don’t play nicely with your skin. This is likely to be products that have colourings or fragrances, so it’s a good idea to avoid them. Look for products that claim to be sensitive or gentle. We have a range of products that are ideal for sensitive skin, such as the Obagi Nu Derm Gentle Cleanser.

Take the Test

If your skin is prone to reacting to new products, it’s a good idea to conduct a small patch test before applying something all over. This will mean that if you do react to the product, it will be confined to a smaller area, rather than having your whole face break out in hives. Test a small amount on a patch of skin at least 48 hours before using the product.

Here at Skinstation, we love your skin, so we’re committed to making sure it is well looked after. We have a wide range of products and brands, such as Obagi, Dr Levy and Kelo-cote, so there is something for everyone. For more information about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01481 736699 to speak to a member of our team.

Latest update: 07/11/2019
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