Clear Skin: Separating the Myths from the Facts

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We all want to achieve beautiful, clear skin, but with all the myths surrounding what is good and bad for our skin, how can you know how to care for it?

A lot of skin ‘facts’ in popular culture are actually not all that true, and if your skincare routine is dictated by old wives’ tales, we’re here to help.

Here at Skinstation, we know how to help you achieve beautiful, radiant looking skin. Here, we will help you to separate the skincare myths from the skincare facts, helping you to keep your skin looking at its best.


Stress Will Cause You to Have More Spots

FACT! – Although there is no direct link to stress and spots, increased stress levels can cause your skin to produce more oil due to increased hormone activity, which of course will lead to more breakouts.

Although sometimes stress can be out of our control, however making sure that you drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep will help you to feel calmer and keep your skin under control. Making sure that you cleanse your skin thoroughly twice a day will also help to refresh your skin and prevent excess oils from building up and causing spots.

Blackheads are Dirt on Your Skin

MYTH! – Many people believe that blackheads are caused by dirt on the skin, but this is simply not true. Blackheads are caused by a build up oil, dead skin cells and bacteria becoming trapped in the skin’s pores, which then appear black when exposed to oxygen.

Regular exfoliation will help to remove existing blackheads, which will typically occur in the T-zone. You should also cleanse your skin twice a day to prevent excess oils and bacteria from building up.

Forgetting to Remove Your Makeup Before You Go To Sleep Will Cause Spots and Premature Aging

FACT! – It is very important that you remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep, as if you forget then bacteria can become trapped in your pores overnight, causing more spots and contributing to the signs of premature aging.

Carefully remove your makeup every evening before going to bed and ensure that you thoroughly cleanse your face to remove all impurities. You may also want to use an anti-aging treatment on your face to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, such as the Obagi ELASTIderm eye treatment.


Fatty and Sugary Foods Cause Acne

MYTH! – This clear skin myth is very widespread, with many people believing that foods such as pizza, chocolate and chips all getting a bad reputation for causing bad breakouts.

In fact, there is no clinical proof that certain foods cause spots to appear. However, eating a healthy balanced diet alongside drinking plenty of water and maintaining a good skincare routine will help your skin to become far clearer and prevent spots from occurring.

Having a Good Cleansing Routine Will Give You Clearer Skin

FACT! – Of course, maintaining a good, consistent skincare routine will help you to have clearer, healthier and more beautiful looking skin.

The best way to ensure that you skin is as clear as possible is to find a comprehensive skincare system that is perfectly suited to the needs and requirements of your skin and use the products as often as is recommended.


Skincare is full of myths and facts, and now you can tell the difference. At Skinstation, we can provide you with expert skincare that will help you on your way to beautifully clear, healthy skin, with a wide range of products from world-renowned skincare brands. For more information, contact us today on 01481 736699.

Latest update: 07/11/2019
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