Common Skin Changes During Pregnancy

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It’s a fact skin can change substantially during your lifetime, especially when you’re a female – it can change monthly due to hormone fluctuations, so of course, during pregnancy your skin can change quite significantly.

If you are expecting a child, you may experience the following changes:

A Healthy, Attractive Glow

When pregnant many women are complimented in regards to their glowing skin – so why does this happen? Well, this attractive facial glow is cause due to an increase in the volume of blood; this causes your cheeks to take on a natural glow – so no need for blusher! Pregnancy can increase the secretions of oil glands, and this provides the skin with a beautiful shimmer. The glow is also caused by an increased heart rate which simulates excitement, adding to the glow.


Unfortunately, women can have an outbreak of acne during pregnancy due to increased hormone levels. If you do suffer with acne in pregnancy, be comforted in the fact that it usually subsides after pregnancy, plus there are treatments that you can take advantage of during this time – however most prescriptions cannot be used. You should however avoid abrasive treatments and exfoliants as your skin can often be sensitive, especially should you suffer with acne.

Skin Tags

It is possible to develop little skin tags during pregnancy. They are common in areas where your skin or clothing rubs. Skin tags are often found under the arms, under your bra and on your neck. They are nothing to worry about; they will either disappear naturally after birth, or they can be removed fairly easily by your GP if they remain and cause you problems.


When pregnant it is common to feel uncomfortable, and that is completely understandable, however, rashes can also develop; most commonly heat rash. Heat rash is caused by too much heat; overheating is something that the pregnant body suffers from a lot – especially in the summer time! It can also be caused by excessive perspiration or rubbing clothes – whatever the cause it can be extremely irritating! Many people suffer from heat rash towards the top of the inner thighs and on their stomach.

Increased Darker Areas

It isn’t unknown for freckles and moles to actually become darker during pregnancy, so don’t worry if they appear to be a little bigger or darker. Many women say that new moles develop during pregnancy, so they should not cause concern, unless they appear to be abnormal – if worried about anything, always see your GP. After you give birth your skin should return to normal.

Itchy Flaky Skin

Many women experience itchy, flaky skin whilst pregnant; this could be due to heat rash or another form of rash. It is commonly experienced on the stomach, and thighs – it can be very tempting to just scratch away, but this can cause additional discomfort and pain, so try to resist.

It’s true that pregnancy can cause a whole range of skin problems, however I think every mother would agree that it is definitely worth it in the end!

Please Note That; when pregnant it is always important to check whether your skin care treatments are safe to use, so always check the product description and ingredients. There will always be a warning sign if the product is not suitable for pregnant individuals.

At Skinstation, we provide an exceptional range of skin care treatments including the Obagi Nu Derm system, so take a browse through our website to find the best products for you. We recommend that you have a consultation before choosing your products, especially if you suffer from any skin conditions.

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Latest update: 05/11/2019
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