5 Common Skin Care Myths You Probably Believe In

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When it comes to skin care, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, especially when there is so much information out there. We understand it can be challenging to know which advice to listen to, which is why we’re addressing some of the most common misconceptions that people have regarding skin care. This way, we can help you to make your skin care regimen simpler and easier, as well as ensure your complexion remain healthy and radiant.


Myth 1 – Sun Exposure Can Help Your Skin


Sun damage is a serious issue. While you may believe that being exposed to sunlight is doing wonders for your skin, it’s actually damaging it – instead of a healthy glow, you can end up dehydrating your complexion and destroying skin cells. The result will be dry and flaky skin, in addition to the damage you can’t see; it will also age you (due to the UV rays) and give your skin dark spots. Too much sun exposure will also lead to skin discolouration and inflammation.

Many people who believe this myth also think they don’t need sunscreen in winter for that reason. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as sun rays can still pass through clouds and reach you easily. Even in winter, harmful UV rays will inflict damage on your skin, even if you don’t burn.

Don’t forget to add sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF factor to your daily routine. For example, our Obagi Tinted Sun Shield SPF 50 Warm can offer you a great degree of sun protection by shielding your skin against UVA and UVB rays. This fantastic product also protects you against infrared rays and will always match the natural undertone of your skin.


Myth 2 – You Don’t Need Moisturiser if Your Skin is Oily


Many people believe using moisturiser is only for those with dry complexions and that they can skip the moisturiser due to their oily skin – however, whether or not you struggle with this type of skin, you will still need to apply moisturiser. When you skip this step in your regimen, your skin may compensate for the lack of moisture by creating its own in the form of sebum; your skin will try to overcorrect this issue and end up producing too much oil.

But don’t worry; if you’re unsure which product to choose, our team at Skinstation can help you out. One of our preferred solutions is the Obagi Hydrate; this moisturiser is perfect for all skin types, including dry and oily complexions. The product is non-irritating, non-sensitising and allergy-tested, and offers all-day hydration.

One of our bestsellers, the Obagi Hydrate can be easily incorporated into your skin care routine and will deliver the results you’re looking for – a glowing, more radiant complexion that isn’t producing excessive oil.





Myth 3 – You Only Need Skin Products When the First Wrinkles Appear


Are you waiting for the first signs of ageing before you step up your skin care routine? Prevention is always the best option so, instead of waiting for the first lines and wrinkles, it’s crucial to invest in good skin care products now. After all, if you choose to start using products that target the appearance of lines and wrinkles when you’re still in your twenties, for instance, you can create a strong foundation to help your skin develop minimal lines and wrinkles.

As part of your skin care ritual, why not try the Obagi360 System? This product is fantastic to improve dull, uneven skin tone and protect against future damage; it will also help to prevent visible signs of ageing and leave your complexion cleaner, fresher and glowing.


Myth 4 – Signs of Ageing Only Occur Because You’re Getting Older


While this is true for a lot of people – since our complexion changes as we grow older – lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, can contribute to onset signs of ageing too. Keeping this in mind is crucial to living a healthy and balanced life; it’s also good news for people looking to make a change, as the appearance of these signs can be improved.

Issues like pigmentation and even lines can be due to sun or environmental damage. Rejuvenating your complexion – alongside ensuring you’re protecting it against external factors – can give you a more radiant and youthful look.

Our Obagi Toner, for example, can help you to accomplish this by removing excess oil, helping your skin to maintain a healthy pH, tightening your skin, reducing pores and preparing your skin for corrective products. This toner is great for anyone who wishes to correct blemished, dry or oily complexions, as it works on a cellular level, ensuring your skin looks and acts younger and healthier.





Myth 5 – The Same Skin Care Routine Applies to Everyone


Sure, any moisturiser can give you a boost of hydration; however, it’s a misconception to think that there is a one-size-fits-all skin care routine and that you don’t need to find a tailored solution. In fact, the more bespoke your regimen is, the better your skin will feel. First of all, it’s very important that you know your skin type. If your complexion is flaky, you probably suffer from dry skin, while regular breakouts often indicate an oilier complexion. You could also be a combination of the two, of course, as is commonly the case.

Choosing the right routine for you means you will support the health of your skin and ensure it remains protected at all times. You can find the perfect skin care ritual for your skin in our vast range of Obagi skin care products, as the medical-grade brand creates products for everyone. These products tend to target a variety of issues as well, including signs of ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation, freckling, and very dry skin.

From the Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream for Normal/Dry Skin to the Obagi Gentle Cleanser and the Obagi Exfoderm, you’ll be spoilt for choice and have the opportunity to create a routine that is tailored to your specific needs.


Obagi products will elevate your skin care to another level; beloved by many, Obagi has become a house name in the skin care world, which doesn’t surprise us in the slightest. You can buy Obagi online at Skinstation and we’ll also help you to pick the right products for you and your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Skinstation team today to learn more about our wide selection of skin care products. This includes our Obagi ranges, from the Obagi Nu Derm System to the Obagi Professional-C products.

Latest update: 20/09/2019
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