Depression and Social Withdrawal: The Psychological Impact of Acne

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The British population have become more conscious about their looks than ever before, as the media is increasingly promoting ‘good looks’. Magazines, TV adverts and other sources of communication all have a certain image that they portray as the ‘perfect’ image, and glowing skin is one of the most common aspects of good looks. 

For many people, the dream for having perfect skin can be hindered by many factors, and it has become apparent that acne is a very common obstacle. According to the NHS, acne affects 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 years. This skin condition is genetic, and doctors say it is largely triggered by hormonal changes. Although it surfaces on the skin, acne is more than skin deep, with many sufferers claiming they have been psychologically affected by the condition at some point. Some examples of the psychological effects of acne include:


Out of all the research that has been carried out regarding the emotional effects of acne, depression and anxiety always prove to be among the most common impacts. However, it is the adults who tend to suffer from the symptoms of depression as a result of acne, because there is more of a social stigma about acne in adults than in younger people. It is reported that both mild and severe sufferers of acne tend to experience similar levels of depression.

Social Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, the media is increasingly publicising images they deem as perfect, and these make acne sufferers feel embarrassed about the way they look. In addition, the myths surrounding the condition, such as poor lifestyle and hygiene, leave the sufferers feeling ashamed as they blame themselves for the acne. In many cases, individuals experiencing social withdrawal will avoid social interaction at all.

As you can see, suffering from acne can be more than what the skin’s surface suggests. However, acne sufferers should not suffer in silence, as there are incredibly effective treatments like the Lustre Pure Light  that are available here at Skinstation. This is a fantastic treatment that many sufferers have used, and a large proportion noticed results within a matter of weeks. So, why not go ahead and start your acne treatment today? Contact us at Skinstation on 01481736699 and we will be able to offer you the advice and support that you need.

Latest update: 05/11/2019
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