Don’t Hide Away Because of Your Skin

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Summer is here and for many it’s the perfect time to break out the bikini, the shorts and the crop tops and enjoy getting the sun to your skin.

However, for some people summer can be a nightmare; while everybody else is daring to bare, sufferers of various skin problems feel like they need to cover up and hide. It needn’t be that way; with the right treatments and precautions you can enjoy the sunshine as much as anyone else.



If you suffer from acne, the idea of exposing your pimply skin to the sun – and everyone passing by – can be mortifying. Covering up with clothing – or even worse, make-up – is a bad idea though, as exposure to sunshine can actually help to clear up acne breakouts. You simply need to make sure that you take precautions to avoid sunburn, as this is not only damaging to your skin but can also trigger further outbreaks.

A similar principle of light treatment is used by the Lustre Pure Light acne treatment, which harnesses the safe blue part of the light spectrum to eliminate the bacteria which are responsible for acne – which means that you can enjoy the benefits of light treatment without the risk of sunburn, and without relying on the inconstant British summer!


This condition, which causes patchy depigmentation of the skin, is not completely understood, and its causes may be complex. However, what is known is that it can make sufferers extremely self-conscious about showing their skin. If you’re dark-skinned to start with, it can be very noticeable but even when you’re naturally paler, getting a tan can make the patches stand out much more.

Some sunshine, however, is good for vitiligo sufferers because, like everyone else, they still need plenty of Vitamin D. Because affected areas of the skin don’t have enough melanin, it’s important to protect them when you’re in the sun with a high-factor SPF, preferably 30+. Wearing camouflage make-up can help with confidence, but make sure that you choose well-formulated products that are light on the skin, to avoid blocking your pores.


Because 81% of rosacea sufferers count sun exposure as their number one trigger, many dread the summer months. However, with a properly formulated treatment system like Obagi Rosaclear, the sunshine needn’t be a reason to hide away. The Obagi Rosaclear skin balancing sun protection formula helps to reduce the inflammation, redness and blotchiness whilst providing protection from the sun against further outbreaks.

With British summers so unreliable, it’s important to make the most of them – so if your skin is making you want to hide away, contactour specialist team online, or call us on 01481 736699, to see how we can help you to enjoy the sunshine again.

Latest update: 06/11/2019
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