Don’t Let Travel Interrupt Your Skincare Schedule

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When life gets busy and you are often required to travel, it can be increasingly hard to take proper care of yourself. If you regularly travel, it is likely that your skincare routine is one of the parts of your life that may not receive the amount of attention that it deserves. Neglecting your skincare routine can lead to your skin becoming damaged and dry; it is vital that you do not let your busy schedule or travel requirements have a detrimental effect on your skin.

The best possible solution is to take all of your essential skincare products with you when you travel, and be able to keep your skin looking brilliant no matter how busy you are. Why not get yourself a beauty case together that is perfect for use at home, but is also ready to go at a moment’s notice? Below, we have listed a few products that can make a huge difference to your skin, but are also easily portable.

Obagi (To help your skin stay vitalised)

Obagi provides some of the most innovative skincare products that can help with almost everything. From targeting sun damaged skin to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, they really do have all the skincare bases covered. All of the Obagi skincare products are also easily portable, and can be taken with you; either in your normal handbag or in a small beauty case. Skinstation stock a wide range of Obagi products to suit all needs.

Lustre Pure Light (To help repair acne damaged skin)

Lustre Pure Light is an incredibly innovative product that can drastically reduce the appearance of acne, and also the scars that it leaves behind. This great product is easily packed up and taken away with you; whether it is for a night or a fortnight. Skinstation offers the Lustre Pure Light system, as well as Lustre Pure Light adhesive strips, to ensure that your skin is always getting the best possible care.

Dermaroller (To help stimulate your skin)

Dermaroller products are a great way to keep your skin stimulated and ensure that it stays healthy and can continue to repair itself. Dermaroller products are easily slipped into a handbag or a beauty case, and take no charging and have no possibility of mess. Skinstation offers a range of Dermaroller products that will help to keep your skin looking amazing, and will also help your skin to absorb other skincare products more easily.

Whatever your skin care needs might be, the most vital part of your skincare routine is making sure that it is consistent and that you keep up with the necessary steps. Here at Skinstation we understand that your skin, and the proper care of it, is a huge concern of yours, and so we aim to provide an amazing range of products that will help towards your perfect skin.

Latest update: 06/11/2019
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