Dr. Barbara Sturm Breaks The Mould Of Baby Skincare

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There’s nothing as precious or as certain to kick-start our motherly instincts as a new-born baby. And skin that’s just entered the world for the very first time always needs some extra help and protection. After all, it’s got to get used to the world and all that comes with it! People, animals, clothing, dust, dirt, germs, washing powder, pollution, the weather and a million other things.

Delicate new-born skin is characterised by sensitivity, fragility, and vulnerability. Unlike adult skin, it has an immature skin barrier, meaning that it doesn’t retain moisture, so the cells don’t function optimally. Whilst it can feel incredibly soft to begin with, babies’ skin tends to redden easily in response to daily stressors, often dries out and chafes, is vulnerable to attack and susceptible to skin irritation and eczema.

Skincare for Babies

It’s best to use products that have been specifically formulated with babies in mind. That way the ingredients won’t irritate their super sensitive skin and will be completely safe for them. Products that have perfume, antibacterial agents, chemicals, or active ingredients are too much for young skin so use products with natural ingredients instead.

Natural Baby Products

The world renown and rather ingenious German aesthetics doctor, Barbara Sturm has created a comprehensive range of nurturing products specifically formulated for young, sensitive skin. So, what made her switch from anti-ageing products for grown-ups to a range of skincare for kids?

It’s because she strongly believes that healthy, functioning skin starts from birth. Rest assured that you’ll only find non-irritating, fragrance free, extra nourishing ingredients with protective properties that maintain the natural softness of children’s skin in her children’s range.

Where Can I Find Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Baby and Kids Products?

Why, here at Skinstation of course! Seriously, we’re delighted to announce that we’re now stocking this amazing range of natural baby products. In true Dr. Barbara style, they’re full of the purest and most efficacious ingredients. It really is like clean beauty meets baby skin care.

To top it off, we’ve created two practical kits that include a gorgeous Steiff snuggly bunny, the perfect companion for your baby or toddler. Dr. Barbara Sturm Baby and Kids Essential Set or Dr. Barbara Sturm Baby and Kids Body Cream Set make a wonderful gift for the new baby in the family and an even better one for their parents! At last, they can fully relax knowing all their child’s skin care needs are taken care of with these utterly fabulous lotions and ointments.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Baby and Kids Range

We love her Baby and Kids Bathing Milk, a wonderfully gentle and soothing bath soak for that all-important rite of passage, the new-born bath. Bathing a little one is such a beautiful thing to experience and the last thing you want to do is cause them to have dry, irritated skin.

Brimming with naturally calming ingredients like Almond Flower, Chamomile and Calendula, simply add this formulation to a warm bath to ease and prevent skin irritation. Celebrated skin nourishers, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil are also in there to supply long-lasting hydration and ensure that your baby’s skin feels perfectly soft and moisturised. A similar formulation has also been used for the Baby and Kids Body Cream, a nourishing lotion that helps preserve the skin’s natural softness with all the goodness of Marigold Extract, Chamomile Extract, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil.

The Baby and Kids Bum Cream doesn’t need fanfare or even an introduction really. It’s one of those products that says exactly what it does on the tin! The great thing here is that you no longer need to continuously use chemical nappy rash creams repeatedly on your child’s bottom, which for most of us parents doesn’t sit well.

In fact, this ointment has been specifically formulated to soothe the most delicate skin that’s often prone to excessive soreness and irritation. Zinc provides a moisture barrier whilst Marigold Extract boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier function which in turn calms redness and irritation. Use this cream after each nappy change and see how nourished the skin becomes, so much so that it’ll become more resistant to dampness and rashes too.


Let’s not forget that sitting in a buggy or baby harness means that the face is often at the will of the wind, rain, and cold. This can reap havoc and lead to chafing, redness, and rashes on the face but not so, if you use the Baby and Kids Face Cream.

Intelligently formulated, this rich, easily absorbed lotion harnesses the protective properties of Almond Blossom and Calendula to defend young skin from the harsh and cold weather and its associated redness caused by moisture as well as helping to promote the child’s developing natural protective barrier. Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil make an appearance once again to leave skin ultra-smooth and moisturised.


Latest update: 01/12/2021
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