Skincare from Within: Easy Lifestyle Changes That Will Change Your Skincare Game

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Taking care of your skin is not just about slathering products on your face and expecting the magic to happen overnight. Just like your overall health, skin health is also a holistic process. You have to consider that certain factors in your lifestyle and environment can make a huge impact on how your skin reacts to the natural process of ageing. 

Here are some of the culprits and possible improvements that you can apply to your current lifestyle in order to up level and change your skincare game:

Smoking and your skin

Not only is smoking bad for your skin, but it is also harmful to your lungs, heart, and brain, but this is pretty common knowledge so we don’t need to tell you twice! It can even affect how your hair, nails, and teeth look. Smoking also accelerates the appearance of ageing so you’re likely to get fine lines and wrinkles faster than someone who has never touched a cigarette in their life. The science behind this is that the carbon monoxide that comes from cigarette smoke displaces the oxygen that’s in your skin. While nicotine interrupts and reduces blood flow which leaves the skin feeling dry and discoloured.

The change: Take care of your skin and overall health by quitting smoking. It may take a couple of weeks, months or even years to do this, but your body definitely will thank you for it!

Not prioritising hydration

Getting a good moisturiser isn’t going to cut it if your water intake isn’t enough. Not only does drinking lots of water throughout the day help your body function at an optimal state, but it also helps flush out unwanted toxins so your skin looks clearer and radiant. Well-hydrated skin also ages slower than dehydrated skin because of its improved elasticity. However, when it comes to staying hydrated in this particular context, we should mention that sugary drinks, caffeinated drinks and alcohol do not count!

The change: It is recommended that you drink 2-3 liters of water a day to keep your skin looking hydrated and plumper than ever.

High levels of stress

Have you ever noticed that whenever you’re stressed, the first thing that goes haywire is your skin? You might have noticed that the bags under your eyes tend to be worse than usual, or that you’re getting breakouts out of nowhere. When there is prolonged stress, fine lines and wrinkles can also become more prominent.

The change: Even though managing stress isn’t easy and it may take a lot of effort and practice when it comes to making some serious lifestyle changes, being able to handle stress on a daily basis is a vital life skill. Meditation and regular exercise can also help!

Taking long and hot showers

Whilst this may help you feel relaxed after a long day, it’s going to wreak havoc on your skin. When you’re spending too much time in the shower, you are causing damage to layers of lipids that help bond your skin cells together. This results in a loss of moisture, leaving your skin dry and possibly irritated.

The change: Limit your showers to only a couple of minutes or only enough to be able to fully cleanse your skin of dirt and sweat.

Eating too much dairy

Since skin health is holistic, your nutrition can play quite a big role when it comes to how your skin looks. Studies have shown that those who consume lots of dairy are more likely to develop acne than those who consume less. Despite this, your skin needs enough essential antioxidants and nutrients to look healthy so be sure to maintain a balanced diet. 

The change: Increase your vegetable and fruit intake. Limit eating processed junk food, and dairy. If you’re eating fresher and natural foods, it is likely that your skin will look clearer and more vibrant. 

Aside from making sure that you are using the right skincare products that suit your skin type and skin needs, some of these lifestyle changes could greatly improve the overall look and feel of your skin. 

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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