Even Out Your Skin Tone

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One sign of older skin may be unevenness or blotchiness in your skin tone which makes the overall appearance of your skin look less smooth highlighting fine lines and wrinkles. Acne scarring is another way skin may appear more uneven leaving you looking older and less fresh faced than those around you.

Uneven skin tone is down to the pigmentation protein, melanin.  Too much melanin, or hyperpigmentation, can leave your  skin blotchy and  red if it is not distributed through the skin evenly. Melanin is actually a very helpful protein in the skin as it absorbs harmful UV rays that come in contact with your skin helping to protect you from sun damage. When the overproduction of melanin occurs however, this is when unevenness in the skin becomes more apparent. This overproduction can be down to a any number of reasons.  Some examples of why over production of melanin may occur is because of over exposure to the sun, acne scarring or hormones.

Sometimes, even makeup can be ineffective in hiding blotchiness in your skin, but don’t give up, there is still a road you can take to make your skin look airbrush perfect and blotch free. Skin Station has developed the Obagi Nu-derm range especially for skin that needs a little help to reveal it’s natural glow. Our Obagi Nu-derm Blend FX Skin Lightener and Blending Cream works by rectifying some of the damage left by too much sun exposure and pollutants.  The cream aims to help skin rejuvenate as it it when it was younger.

As skin gets older, it loses it’s elasticity and ability to renew their cells at a faster rate meaning older skin can look tired, uneven and less firm than it’s younger counterpart. Obagi Nu-derm works with the skin at cell level to achieve long lasting and noticeable results by encouraging new skin cells to the surface and correcting hyper -pigmentation within the skin.  This ca be anything from acne scarring to freckles and age spots making this the perfect correcting cream for most skin problems.

Our faces are exposed to billions of different pollutants everyday so giving it the best armor you can possibly give it ensures your skin has a fighting chance of looking beautiful whilst protecting you from the world.  When younger, a sun kissed glow was enough to make you appear fresh and a picture of beauty and health but sun on older skin only causes damage which manifests in liver spots and brown marks making you appear older. Sun protection in the form of SPF is a very important thing to remember whenever your skin is exposed to the sun and should be reapplied to your skin to stop hyperpigmentation becoming worse or even triggering it.

Latest update: 06/11/2019
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