Exposing 5 Skincare Myths Everyone Believes

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As we’re all too aware, perfecting our skincare routines can at times, get quite complex- especially during autumn and winter. We’re also the first to admit that sometimes, what to use, when and why can get downright confusing. Unfortunately, this results in an array of skincare myths that can actually do more harm than good if incorporated into your skincare routine. Read on as we expose 5 skincare myths everyone believes and how your autumn skincare routine can benefit!

Most common skincare myths

Below are some of the most common skincare myths that could be wreaking havoc when it comes to your skin:

1. If it’s not sunny outside, it’s okay to skip the sunscreen: most of us are guilty of this, let’s face it. Some of us still believe that sunscreen only needs to be used when you’re hanging out at the beach. But the truth is, sunscreen is a daily necessity regardless of the weather and the season. UVB rays can penetrate water and can even be reflected through glass. Even if it’s rainy, cloudy, and especially when it’s sunny, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s at least SPF15 and above is something that you should be including in your daily autumn and winter skincare regimen without question.

2. Anti-ageing products aren’t important until you’re in your 30s: we’ve heard this skincare myth so many times that it almost had us questioning whether it is in fact, actually true. The answer however, is a resounding “no”. While it’s true that when you are younger, your skin heals and rejuvenates faster compared to when you are in your 30s, we also need to understand that environmental stressors can promote premature ageing too. As early as your 20s, it can be a good idea to start investing in anti-ageing products that are appropriate for your skin type.

3. When it’s summer, you don’t need to moisturise: this is of course, a complete myth. If you’re looking for a moisturiser that’s lightweight yet incredibly hydrating, the Obagi Hydrate Luxe can provide extra-strength moisturisation that feels deeply nourishing. It is perfect to use all year round to keep your skin looking firm and hydrated. This is even more important in the autumn and winter as your skin gets drier. 


4. It’s okay to use the same skincare products for day and night: there’s a reason behind why some products provide the instruction to be used either in the morning when you first wake up, or in the evening before bed. Daytime skincare is usually for protecting your skin, while nighttime skincare is generally meant for encouraging skin cell turnover or rejuvenating your skin while you sleep. Certain ingredients can also make your skin sensitive in the sun so are best used in the evening to ensure the potency of the product is as effective as it can be without harming your skin. 

5. Your skin becomes immune to the skincare that you’re using if you’re using it regularly: this is one skincare myth that has likely been perpetuated by social media influencers and even some brands who would prefer you to switch up your skincare routine in favour of their own products. They make it seem as if sticking to one skincare brand or product can lead to ingredient immunity. However, there is no scientific basis that ingredients will stop giving you results due to the length of time in which you’ve used them. The only factor that can change the results of a product you’ve been using over time is if the nature of the problem that you’re treating changes or if your skin’s needs change due to things like external environmental stressors.

Did you previously buy into any of the above skincare myths? If yes, we hope that this has shed some light on what you should believe when it comes to your autumn skincare routine!

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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