Get Summer Ready Glowing Skin With Thoclor GF2 Spray

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What Is Thoclor GF2 Spray

Thoclor Labs have designed an all over body and face mist to rejuvenate your skin. Hypochlorous acid is the main active ingredient in Thoclor GF2. This formula works to reverse environmental damage on your skin and halts the signs of ageing skin, leaving you with a glowing, youthful complexion. As well as this, the use of Hypochlorous acid is anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal, that far exceed any other known disinfectant and is certified completely safe to use on your skin, in your eyes, throat and on pregnant women and children. 

How Does It Work

The active ingredient is the key to this spray’s many benefits. Hypochlorous acid works to promote healthy skin cell turnover, and in turn gives you plumper, healthier and more radiant skin. This new skin will also heal any imperfections like sunburn, irritation from toxins and signs of ageing. Thoclor GF2 spray will also normalise the formation of your skin’s collagen, elastin & melanin levels. The spray’s disinfectant properties are ideal in our current climate of the global pandemic, as GF2 is more efficient than your standard hand sanitizer, and can kill bacteria if it’s already reached your throat. 


The Benefits of a Spring Skincare Routine

To get glowing skin this summer you must first start with prepping your skin in spring with a skincare routine. Now is a great time to throw out your empties or products over 6 months old and start again with fresh skincare products. If you suffer from rosacea, acne or cold sores, the antibacterial properties of Thoclor GF2 spray will really benefit your skin. Adding this formula into your spring skincare routine will make your skin smoother, plumper and more tolerant in the coming months.  

Spray onto freshly washed and cleansed skin before leaving to dry naturally and applying makeup as desired, the benefits will not become impared if you apply products on top. The daily use of Thoclor GF2 spray will become a pleasant and refreshing part of your routine, as the weather gets warmer, a cool spritz onto your skin will feel heavenly. 

Another Spring skincare must have is a light moisturiser. There’s no need for thick, gloopy moisturisers anymore, these could lead to clogged pores and excess oils forming on your skin. Switch it out for a simple, non toxic, acid based moisturiser to leave your skin feeling enriched and revitalised. A great benefit of Thoclor’s new spray is the active ingredient boosts the performance of your other skincare products.

How to Get Summer-Ready Skin

With continued use, Thoclor GF2 will be an essential part of you and your family’s daily routine. Simple and easy, the formula will benefit the whole family and is safe for everyone to use. Your skin will become less inflamed and skin problems such as eczema or sensitivity will become repaired and reduced, ready for your skin to embrace the goodness of the summer weather, with heightened tolerance and a healthy start to the season. 

The increase in vitamin D will do wonders for your complexion and overall health. It’s also important to remember to apply daily suncream, even if it’s a cloudy day or if your makeup includes SPF. Concentrated amounts of SPF in a suncream will stand you in good stead for a full day of protection from the sun’s UV rays, however the limited amount of SPF in makeup products won’t always do the trick. 

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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