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About Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical is one of the most universally loved luxury skincare brands. Known and religiously used by A-listers and skincare enthusiasts alike, Obagi Medical is changing the skincare game for many of us worldwide. Obagi Medical is not just a skincare brand that makes your skin look and feel incredible in the short term, but each Obagi product will function at cellular level to correct the signs of ageing and rejuvenate the skin. The truly transformational products that Obagi creates are some of the most groundbreaking, with consistent high quality, targeted and potent products.


Dangers of Counterfeit Skincare Products

As the #1 dispensed skincare brand in the world, Obagi Medical can be susceptible to uncertified and illegal counterfeit reproductions. It is not only important to get what you are paying for, but when it comes to your skin it is of the uppermost importance that you are receiving certified and safe original Obagi Medical products, not fakes. Some of the dangers of buying and using counterfeit skincare products include infections, scarring, burning, irritation and even disfigurement.

Who doesn’t love a bargain? There is nothing quite like the buzz of getting your favourite skincare products at discounted prices. However, with counterfeit skincare products masquerading as the real-deal it is imperative you are being extra stringent with where you spend your hard earned money. Make sure you are always buying from certified websites! If you have found an overly cheap skincare product with a “too-good-to-be-true price tag”, it probably is too good to be true! When it comes to skincare, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to our delicate complexion, you need to ensure what you are putting on your face has gone through stringent testing in a clean and safe environment. Other warning signs to look out for are expiration dates that have long gone, discrepancies in the packaging, the consistency and texture of the product and the quality all being different from the original. 

So where can you buy Obagi skincare products in the UK, and ensure you are receiving the genuine article?


Where to Buy Obagi UK?

Here at Skinstation we are a proud certified Obagi Medical UK distributor. When you buy from Skinstation you can guarantee you will only be receiving the original Obagi products, free UK shipping and secure payment methods with the price reflecting the consistently high quality product we all know and love from Obagi Medical. 

Skinstation is part of the Aesthetic Skin Clinic group of medical and cosmetic dermatology practices. Our team is filled with exceptionally experienced doctors and clinical nurse practitioners, so when you purchase through Skinstation you will not only be buying Obagi from a certified website, you will also be able to access expert advice and product recommendation to match your unique skincare needs. 

With Obagi products listed on the website at the most competitive prices, you can browse the collection and learn more about the brand that can transform your skin. However, if you are unhappy with your current skin concern or you are looking for a tailored approach you can book a face-to-face consultation at one of our clinics. With our wealth of experience, our team of expert dermatologists will be able to recommend a skincare system and even prescribe prescription Obagi products that are not available on the website due to their potent nature. After receiving a personalised prescription, you will also be able to request repeat prescriptions through our Skinstation website. It’s that simple!

Did we also mention that our Skinstation website has a blog, where we are always updating you about latest skincare launches, our top tips, skincare advice, trends and how-to guides?

If you are unable to make it to one of our face-to-face clinics, we have created an ‘Obagi FAQ’s’ page here to help answer any of your burning Obagi questions.


Latest update: 19/03/2021
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