Harmless Daily Habits That Could Cause Premature Aging

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We’ve all heard about how unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are really bad for both our health and our skin! They speed up the skin’s natural aging process, meaning you may start to notice early signs of aging on the skin sooner rather than later.

However, although the most obvious, these aren’t the only habits that play havoc with the way our skin ages. There are quite a few things that we do every day that might not be as harmless as you expect.

Drinking From a Straw

We know, we know! Drinking from a straw can prevent nasty stains to your teeth. This is true; there are plenty of benefits to using them. However, they aren’t quite as kind to the skin around your mouth. Routinely pursing your lips causes the muscles to contract; this can lead to early signs of wrinkles. It’s similar to what you see from a smoker – just not as severe.

Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach

Can the way you sleep really affect the health of your skin? Experts seem to think so! Sleeping in certain positions produces ‘sleep lines’ on your face, neck and chest – caused by the skin being stretched, pushed and pulled by the pillow surface. These lines generally disappear early, but as your skin begins to age, the weakened collagen can cause these lines to become permanent wrinkles.

Wearing Contacts

Contacts aren’t bad for your skin on their own – it’s the way you take them in and out that is the problem. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and delicate, which is often damaged when you tug at your eyes to remove or put in your contacts.

It can lead to both wrinkles and skin that sags – something you definitely want to avoid for as long as possible. You need to be extra careful when using contacts.

You’ve Cut Fat Completely Out of Your Diet

People are constantly told that fat is bad for their health, for their skin, for their waistline – which is why it’s not surprising that people reduce their intake of it dramatically. Whilst it’s not healthy to eat too much fat, cutting it out completely can have consequences for your skin.

There are good and bad types of fat and your body needs the good kind. These are the ones found in foods such as fish, olive oil and nuts. They help your body absorb antioxidants that are needed by the skin.

Don’t let your skin suffer, get ahead of the problem and implement a skin care routine that will make a huge difference.

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Latest update: 11/11/2019
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