Healthy Skin: 4 Top Tips to Relieve Dry Skin

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There are a number of different reasons for why we get dry skin – whether it’s down to the weather or individual skin care routines. For most of us, dry skin will just be something that comes and goes quickly. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with dry skin day in and out, and it can be an extremely frustrating problem.


As a company who is dedicated to providing you with clinically proven and up to date skincare products, such as our Obagi Clear and Obagi Nu-Derm range, Skinstation know how important it is to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Are you suffering from dry skin? Take a peek at 4 of our top tips for relieving and improving the effects of dry skin.

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  1. Skip the hot showers

Everyone loves a hot shower, but did you know that they aren’t good for your skin? Especially for those who suffer with dry and itchy skin! The hot water actually strips your body of its natural oil barrier, a barrier that is important in trapping moisture so that your skin is kept soft and moist. This doesn’t mean that you have to subject yourself to long cold showers though, we suggest taking short warm showers – lasting no longer than 10 minutes.

  1. Don’t forget to use sun cream

The sun isn’t good for your skin – this probably won’t come as a surprise to most people. However, the sun can be especially damaging for those who have dry skin; in fact, the sun can be the cause behind it. Rough and flaky skin can be brought on by exposure to the sun, which makes it even more important that you use sun protection. As well as using sun cream on your skin, you should also protect your lips from drying out by using a lip balm that has a SPF 15 sunscreen.

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  1. Be careful when you shave your legs

A lot of people suffer with dry skin on their legs, which can be frustrating and embarrassing in the summer. Women are especially prone to dry skin here, because of the fact that it’s a place that they shave regularly. Shaving strips natural oil from the skin, which can leave it feeling irritated and dry. To minimise the risk of this happening, there are several things that you can do. The first thing that you should do is to exfoliate before you shower, so that you get rid of any dead skin cells. The second tip is to shave near the end of your shower, so that your hair follicles have had time to soften – making shaving a lot easier!

  1. Moisturise every single day

You should aim to include moisturising into your daily skin care routine, as it’s probably the most effective way to prevent and relieve dry skin. You should find one that is right for your skin type; there will be different ones that are suitable for oily skin, sensitive skin or just normal skin. The best time to moisturise is after you have just gotten out of the shower, and have patted yourself dry (never rub!) However, we also think it’s a good idea to do it before going to bed – you will feel the difference in the morning!

Have you found our tips helpful? Hopefully by following our advice, you will start to see a huge difference in your skin!



If you’re suffering from dry skin, or any other skin care problem, and you would like a skin care product that is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling and looking amazing – we have you covered.

If you’re not sure which product is the best for your individual needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You can give us a call on 01481 736699 and a member of our experience and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions.

Latest update: 05/11/2019
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