How Acne Treatments Actually Work

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Acne is the most common skin condition in the world, and affects a broad spectrum of people across a range of societies. Because of its prevalence, acne treatments are always in high demand as sufferers seek ever more effective ways to ease the irritation.

There are several accepted ways to treat acne. Cleansers that are delivered through creams and pads are one of the most widespread treatments in use. Many of these cleansers contain a substance such as benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Benzyl peroxide cleansers usually contain less than 2.5% of the actual chemical due to the irritation that it can cause in large amounts, and the treatments usually attempt to clear acne outbreaks by increasing the oxygen levels in the skin to remove the bacteria, as well as drying up excess amounts of oil. On the other hand, Salicylic acid assists in unclogging skin pores, penetrating deep into the follicles to exfoliate and rid the affected area of substances such as dead skin cells. Salicylic acid cleansers generally contain up to 5% of the chemical due to it possessing less aggravating tendencies.

Pore strips that adhere to wet skin are a recent arrival in the world of acne treatments. The strips become attached to substances within the skin that clog up the pores and, when dry, they then remove these unwanted materials as they are themselves discarded. However pore strips do not offer any relief to other unpleasant acne side effects such as inflammation, so many sufferers instead try to make use of treatments in the form of pills. Pills such as Accutane or Isoterinoin are the most favoured methods in this area, as the increase in vitamin A that they prompt heavily reduces oil levels within the skin as well as assisting in renewing cells. A course usually lasts for a matter of months, then ceasing after the effects of the programme become long lasting. Even this approach is not without its drawbacks, as many pills prevent the user from ingesting substances such as alcohol, and Accutane in particular can expose unborn children to birth defects.

Because of the side effects possessed by many acne treatment methods, many people seek out natural options such as tea tree oil and witch hazel to dry oil within the pores of their skin. Frustratingly, acne treatments rarely provide a certain cure for the condition, and many acne sufferers can spend a long time searching for a method that works for them. Here at Skinstation, our brand newLustre acne treatment has been labelled by many as a revolution in the treatment of acne. The small and rechargeable Lustre Pure Light device makes use of natural blue light to gently eliminate spot causing bacteria, and when used alongside a patient’s existing regime can begin to make a real difference in only a few weeks. Be sure to get in touch with us using our contact email address at[email protected] for any further information.

Latest update: 05/11/2019
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