How Ageing Affects the Skin

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As we grow older, our skin naturally begins to change. The skin becomes rougher with age, and also happens to be more likely to develop lesions and other blemishes. A loss of elasticity also results in the skin becoming slacker, and a thinning of the outer layer typically means that it also seems more transparent than it was in youth. Additionally, aged skin often becomes more easily damaged or bruised, so the effects of aged skin can be pronounced. However it is not only the passage of time that affects the look of your skin, as other circumstances can also contribute towards aged looking skin.

The single largest factor in the aging of skin is undoubtedly sunlight, as the UV radiation in the sun’s rays impedes the skin’s ability to make use of its natural elastin fibres. Because of this, forgoing the use of sunscreen is a primary contributor towards aged looking skin. Sun damage might not initially seem particularly severe, as it often becomes more readily apparent in later life, so maintaining the regular use of sunscreen in your youth helps to avoid later problems developing.

The sun might be one of the largest considerations when battling aged skin, but it is by no means the only one. Studies have shown that people tend to ignore the hands and neck with skincare routines, choosing to instead focus upon the face; and this too can create significant problems in these overlooked areas. For women, makeup can be another stumbling block, as it can sometimes be tempting to neglect the use of a cleanser after a busy day at work. This only causes more grime to build up on the skin, leading to more frequent breakouts, and thus more aged looking skin.

A lack of sleep is another noteworthy way that skin can become prematurely aged in appearance, as is a lack of commitment to an effective skincare regime. Even if you do use skincare products, some people experiment with too many items at the same time, and this can cause unwanted irritations. It is recommended that you only introduce a new skincare product into your habits following at least two weeks of exclusively using the previous one, as this way the skin has enough time to get used to the existing substance before a new one is introduced.

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Latest update: 05/11/2019
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