How To Create Your Own Celebrity Facials And Face Masks During Lockdown

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Celebrities have always left us wondering about what skincare they use in order to achieve youthful and glowing skin no matter their age. Some of them are even confident enough to embrace and bear their au naturel complexions on the red carpet without a care in the world. Questions we get asked at Skinstation often are “What products do celebrities use?” and “How can I create my own facials in the comfort of my own home?” Now that the red carpets are all empty, we have to be creative and use celebrity's input for ourselves, at home. Lockdown might be boring, but it's a great moment to start experimenting with your 2021 skincare routine. 

Create your own celebrity facial

Not everyone has the time (or money!) to keep up with regular expert facial treatments. The good news is, certain celebrities have shared their secrets on how they keep their skin in tip-top shape on a daily basis despite their very busy, on-the-go schedules. Now that we're all staying at home a lot, we have a lot more time to spend on our skincare. Especially during these times, we should look out for ourselves and give our skin's that bit of extra love. 

During the autumn and winter months, regular hydrating at-home facials can help keep your skin looking glowy and dewy all year long. With the cold air drawing moisture from your skin, keeping up with regular facials can deliver a much needed shot of hydration. Here are just some of the insider tips on how you can create celebrity approved facials during lockdown too:

1. The Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturiser and the Professional-C Serum combo: celebrity Priyanka Chopra swears by these products from Obagi. She claims that they act as a makeup primer and amazing skincare solution all in one. Her skin glistens where it needs to, whilst never being too greasy or looking too oily. This combination of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients is the perfect skincare mix that you need this winter 2021. Both of these skincare products can be used at home without the hassle of booking a skincare clinic appointment. Packed with high quality and potent L-ascorbic acid, you’re bound to achieve that celebrity-approved skin in no time.

2. Egg whites and lemon DIY face mask: while reputable skincare products are famous among celebrities, DIY facials that can be found in celebrity kitchens are still very much in the equation. Kendall Jenner reveals that her recipe for keeping her skin clear is a concoction from her very own kitchen—egg whites and lemon. She just whisks the egg whites until they’re frothy then adds half of the lemon juice and mixes it all together. Kendall says that it helps balance her skin’s pH levels and fights off her acne effectively.

3. Dr. Levy Switzerland R3 Cell Matrix Mask: formulated by a celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Phillip Levy’s anti-ageing procedures and products have been well-loved by a lot of celebrities like Amanda Holden. One of his most popular products is this Cell Matrix Mask that vows to restore, replenish and restructure your skin. It is packed with supercharged multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acids that keep your skin looking young and glowing through the cold winter and autumn and winter months. 


4. The Obagi Nu-Derm Clear FX: if there’s one celebrity that has been loving all of Obagi’s products, it’s Drew Barrymore. She confessed to being a long-time fan of the Obagi Medical range. Drew believes that Obagi Clear 3 and 5 is the perfect blender to combine and dilute retinols and relies on layering her favourite Obagi products to maintain her forever youthful complexion and protect from the harsh elements. 

5. Obagi Creams, Exfoliants and Hydrating Lotions: another celebrity that swears by layering her Obagi products is Sofia Carson, admitting that her flawless skin wasn’t always this effortless before she started her Obagi journey. Exfoliating away dry dead skin cells will refresh a dull winter complexion, then layering with hydrating lotions and creams will replace any lost moisture and back back that dewy complexion. Sofia Carson is also proud to say that her love for Obagi is next level because all of her creams, exfoliants and hydrating lotions are all from the product line.

Whether you swear by your existing Dr. Levy and Obagi products, or you’d prefer to opt for a DIY approach, there’s a range of ways to create your very own lockdown celebrity facials at home!

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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