How to get naturally thick, full and fluttery lashes in time for Christmas

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Getting naturally thick and full lashes is a dream that many of us have, especially in time to celebrate the festive season when we all want to be looking and feeling our absolute best!

Eyelashes, like all parts of our body, can react to outside factors, which can affect their growth, fullness and appearance. In this article, we will be helping you understand what causes your eyelashes to fall out, which can better inform you on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

What Causes Eyelashes To Fall Out?

Did you know that your lashes go through a natural growth period? The average adult has 100 to 150 upper lashes and 50 to 75 lower lashes on each lid. Every single eyelash you have, goes through its own growth cycle.

The Anagen phase is the first stage, where each eyelash begins its journey. This phase will last up to two weeks and if your eyelashes fall out during this time, then they will likely not grow back straight away. Then, there is the Telogen phase, which is the longer period of growth, which lasts four to nine months. This is considered the resting period, between an eyelash falling out and new one growing in to take its place. 

Whilst it’s completely natural to have a few eyelashes fall out during the day, it shouldn’t be noticeably leaving bald spots and sometimes, you won’t even realise having lost a few. 

However, eyelashes are a part of your body and therefore, can have many other, external reasons for falling out. For example, you could be stressing out your eyelashes. Of course, there is the physical stress that you can put on your lashes, like rubbing, pulling or curling them regularly, could cause them to fall away from your eye. But even if you're experiencing stress emotionally, this can also cause hair loss, including on your eyes. Always try to take notice of your stress level if you feel that you have started to lack some eyelashes.

How To Prevent Lashes From Dropping Off?

When it comes to preventing the lashes from dropping off, there are many things you can try. In your fight to get fuller and thicker lashes, you may find yourself trying out new mascaras. If you find that after applying a mascara, that you are noticing more lashes dropping off, that could be because you are allergic to the brand you have chosen and didn’t know it. Try switching to a more sensitive-friendly product to see if that improves your lash drop off. 

When it comes to removing your mascara, try to take off all makeup products gently. It could not be your mascara causing your eyelashes to fall out, but how you are getting off the makeup that could be the issue. Your eyelashes are delicate and relatively thin hairs, so be careful when it comes to washing your makeup off. 

Next up, is the eyelash curler- get rid of it! Eyelash curlers can seem like a really good idea if you don’t have naturally long, luscious lashes but really, they are harming the lashes you already have! If you use these devices with mascara on, or even tug them slightly, this can cause multiple lashes to come away from the eye. 

Finally, look into serums that you feel could work for you. Lash serums are growth-enhancing formulas that help stimulate the lash growth over time. If you apply a product like this regularly, you will begin to see that your lashes are thicker and stronger. This is because they length the telogen phase of the growth cycle.

Use Eyelash Conditioner 

If you’re looking to grow or even maintain your lashes, then you want to look at a product that is worth the money. Combatting dry, brittle and lifeless lashes can feel like a daunting task. You’ve probably heard of eyelash serums and even extensions, but have you heard about the product that celebrities and influencers have been raving about? The Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner consists of a finely calibrated breakthrough cosmetic formula that addresses the visual signs of eyelash ageing and stress.

It also has a proprietary blend of scientifically advanced technology and natural botanicals joined in concert to protect against breakage and brittleness and improve flexibility, moisture, and shine for longer and more dramatic-looking eyelashes.

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Latest update: 15/11/2021
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