How to Have Healthier Skin This Summer

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Summer is nearly here and with it comes sunlight and warmth; however, this much-anticipated season also brings dry skin with it. For this reason, it’s important that you start looking after your skin now and continue doing it throughout summer – this way, it can remain healthy at all times!

After all, summer almost always takes a toll on your skin, so it’s crucial that you are prepared for the heat and the humidity with these skincare tips:

Exfoliating is a Key Skincare Rule

One of the basic rules of skincare is exfoliating your skin. You are constantly shedding skin cells so, if you don’t remove them, they’ll remain on your skin and make it look dry and without a glow. Use a body scrub or one of our products, like the Obagi CRX System C-Exfoliating Day Lotion and exfoliate your entire body. Do this 2 to 3 times a week and enjoy glowing skin this summer!

Eat Well, Stay Hydrated and Reap the Rewards

Certain foods are better for radiant skin than others. Fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help protect the skin against damage caused by pollution and sunlight, for example, so make sure to have plenty of these in your diet. While 5 a day has been recommended for a very long time, many people believe 10 a day is a much healthier alternative that should be adopted by more.

In addition, you should drink plenty of water, as it will keep you hydrated, it helps the body remove toxins and it makes you feel refreshed.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen This Summer

UV rays are harmful to your skin any time of the year, but especially during summer, as we are most exposed then. Sunscreen should have a minimum SPF of 30, although higher is better, and needs to be applied 20 to 30 minutes before going out into the sun. If you’re swimming, don’t forget to re-apply the sunscreen, as it can be washed off.

Sunscreen should be worn even on overcast days, especially if you have fair skin that easily burns. Our Obagi Matte Sun Shield SPF 50 can help you stay protected from the sun and reduce or prevent sun spots, as well as lines and wrinkles. An SPF of 50 can block 1% to 2% more rays than sunscreens with SPF of 30 or less.

Opt for No or Minimal Makeup

During summer, the less makeup you use the better because the heat can make your skin look patchy – meaning you might get sunburned in some places but not in others. If you do end up using makeup, choose products that contain an SPF of 15 or more to avoid getting sunburned at all.

Never Skimp Out on the Moisturiser

Moisturising your skin is crucial all year round, but even more important during summer. Both the sun and the heat can take a toll on your skin and make it feel dry; good moisturisers are essential, then, and should be seen as a staple of your daily skincare routine. If you happened to get sunburned, keep the burned skin well hydrated and moisturised as well, to soothe it and to heal it quickly.

If you’re not sure about which moisturiser would be better for you, why not try the Obagi Hydrate Luxe? This moisturiser contains powerful, natural ingredients and key products that will leave your skin feeling supple and firm. It also offers hydration for up to 8 hours and is ideal for all skin types!

Healthy skin during summer is not impossible – in fact, by following these tips, you are likely to maintain glowing, healthy-looking skin throughout the season without difficulty! Browse our vast selection of products that will help you to protect and care for your skin and give us a call on +44 (0) 1481 736699 to talk to a friendly member of our team.

Latest update: 14/09/2017
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