How to Live a Makeup Free Lifestyle

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We all dream of having -free, fresh-looking skin, ready to step out with no makeup on and feel confident about it. It might seem like you live in a constant cycle of having to cover your skin and potential blemishes with makeup, which in turn doesn’t help the appearance of the skin; however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take a look at the likes of Alicia Keys, who steps onto the red carpet looking confident and stunning, and, most importantly flaunting that makeup-free skin, and her fresh, makeup-free lifestyle.

With the right products for your skin, a bit of motivation and inspiration you can take a step forward towards this rejuvenating, fresh and rewarding lifestyle.

SkinStation is here to tell you that it doesn’t take surgery or any complicated routines to have clear skin without makeup, just a few simple steps. So, are you ready to achieve a youthful and makeup-free lifestyle?



Wake Up to No Makeup

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, with a total area of 20 square feet and the job of protecting you against external threats, meaning you should take the most care, pride and joy in it. With many women seeming to be dependent on makeup, especially some celebs, we should be celebrating all the women around the world that opt to go makeup-free as well. And you can be one of them too!

Early last year, the well-known Alicia Keys had all eyes on her, not for her current chart positions, or her attire on the red carpet, but more for her bare face and fabulous fresh look at the VMAs. She stated:

 ‘I swear it is the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt.’

Not only did she reveal her fresh, makeup-free face to the public and the media, but she also revealed her secret behind her flawless look.

Alongside many others she uses Obagi Medical to keep her skin in tip top condition, which allows her to steer away from foundation, concealer and other skin products, bumping up confidence to go makeup free!

Take inspiration from these fabulous, fresh-faced celebs, who are setting the scene for a makeup-free lifestyle:


Which Obagi Products and Why?

Obagi is an influential product with the power to give you makeup-free abilities! With benefits including anti-aging and rejuvenation of the skin, a regime of the right products for your skin can really bring life into your skin – and allow you to go without makeup. You only have to look at Alicia Keys to see that these products can definitely make you feel more confident too!

Obagi Nu-Derm skin care system is perfect to rejuvenate your skin if you feel like you have rough skin, redness, a yellowish complexion or maybe some discolouration. However, if you feel you have more sensitive skin, the Obagi-C Rx System could be the route to make up freedom. It is the first prescription skincare system with Vitamin C+, ideal for those who feel they have an uneven skin tone. It is also suitable for all types of skin, from dry to oily.

Rumours from Obagi experts have said that Alicia Keys uses either the Nu-Derm Rx or the C-Rx system, with other well-known Hollywood names, such as Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta Jones, using similar Obagi products. All these fantastic women have consulted their Obagi expert or received a skin evaluation.

The Obagi 360 range is an equally popular choice, and could be perfect for you to finally go makeup-free. It is a proactive daily skin care system that helps to boost dull, uneven skin and fights against any future potential damage. It is designed specifically for a younger demographic to leave you feeling fresh and great without makeup!



Top Tips to Help Your Makeup Free Lifsetyle

·         Get those brows in shape!

·         Exfoliate and moisturise regularly

·         Brighten that smile and look after your teeth

·         Protection from the sun, always!

·         Keep your lips moisturised and smooth

·         Look after your lashes and maybe consider lengthening

·         Drink plenty of water; always keep hydrated, your skin will thank you for it

·         Try a new, healthier and balanced diet


Fashion and makeup trends are constantly changing, with magazine covers now promoting more makeup-free choices, celebrities endorsing this way of life, and more women getting involved. Believe us, there’s no trickery, going without makeup can be done!

Just use the right products for your skin type, be consistent and dedicate your routines to the full makeup-free lifestyle. You’ll be there in no time.



If you would like any further information from our team on how you can begin your journey into going makeup-free, SkinStation would love to help!

You can discuss any skin issues with our SkinStation team and we would be more than happy to suggest the best products for you. We are proud to say we can help you on your way to beautiful skin, and a beautiful new way of life: a makeup-free life.


Latest update: 26/08/2019
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