How to prep your skin for a full face of makeup

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Any makeup artist will tell you that for seamless and flawless makeup application, you have to prep your skin properly first. Makeup’s ability to cover imperfections on your skin can only go so far, so creating the perfect base for makeup is vital for best results.

We’re not talking about just using a cosmetic primer when it comes to prepping your skin either. We’re talking about the skincare that you’re applying before you slap on your favourite foundation and the rest of your cosmetics. Did you know that a moisturiser is actually one of the best primers out there?

How to prep your skin for a full face of makeup

Here are some of the steps that you can take to create a perfect base for makeup. We’ve also thrown in a couple of tips on how to moisturise before applying makeup too:

1. Be aware of what your skin needs: do you have dry and flaky skin? Are the pores enlarged? You have to understand what your skin needs in order for you to help it look its best. Maybe you need a heavier moisturiser on certain areas, or you need products that can help tighten your pores? 

2. Cleanse and exfoliate if needed: it’s always recommended to start with a clean and fresh base before applying anything else on your skin. This also ensures that your pores are clear of dirt and gunk that might prevent your skincare from being absorbed properly. Exfoliating a couple of times a week helps reveal brighter and younger looking skin underneath. Having scheduled exfoliation every week can improve your skin significantly and it can even help reduce those pesky dark spots left by your previous breakouts!

3. Rebalance your skin’s pH levels: use a toner that is suited to your skin type and skin concerns. If you have dry skin, you may want to opt for a toner that helps in hydration. If you have oily skin and enlarged pores, there are also products that claim to tighten pores and make them less visible.

4. Hydrate: use a moisturiser or a face mask like the Dr. Dennis Gross Brightening Treatment Mask. It helps in reviving the complexion by making it look brighter with the help of Vitamin C. The formula is also rich in collagen amino acids and a propriety energy complex, along with other powerful nutrients like niacinamide and glycerin. This mask provides an all-in-one skincare solution that deeply nourishes the skin and helps in creating the perfect base for makeup. The Dr. Dennis Gross Brightening Treatment Mask is 100% natural and biodegradable. All you have to do is apply the mask to your face, then leave it for 15 minutes before removing. Gently and slowly massage the excess product into your skin to absorb.


dr dennis gross mask

5. Be patient: after moisturising, it’s best to let the product sit for at least a few minutes. Let your skin fully absorb it before proceeding to apply your primer and foundation. 

You’ll find that prepping your skin before applying a full face of makeup can actually change the way your makeup glides onto your skin too. So, if you follow these simple steps, we guarantee you’ll see life-changing results when it comes to the way you apply your makeup!

Latest update: 03/02/2020
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