How To Re-apply Suncream Over Makeup Without Smudging Your Foundation

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Over the past few decades, we’ve become more educated about the need for daily sun-cream and many of us apply it before foundation. Fess up though, how many of us go on to reapply it throughout the day? Yup, thought not. It’s one of those infinite beauty dilemmas. You know you should, but it’ll mess up your make-up and no-one wants to take off everything and start the whole damn process again. The problem is that one application of SPF is often not enough, especially when UV levels are high. 

Luckily a solution has come to light, thanks to beauty blogger, and more importantly, pharmaceutical scientist, Hannah English who experienced the same issue. Based in Australia, the country with the highest number of recorded skin cancer cases, she realised the need to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful rays. She attributes her novel way of reapplying sunscreen over her foundation down to laziness though. Whilst getting ready for a party, she simply couldn’t be bothered to remove her make-up, so what did she do? Reapplied it over the top of course!


Why is it Important to Wear Sunscreen?

Ultraviolet radiation is a form of electromagnetic energy that usually emanates from the sun, but there are some artificial sources, like tanning beds, lasers, and black lights.

This form of radiation causes change within the cells and damages it’s DNA. Aside from cell mutations, genetic defects, sunburn, and visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, these changes can also result in skin cancer, including the worst type, Melanoma. 

There are steps that we can take to protect our skin though. Staying out of direct sunlight, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and as per the recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation, regular reapplication of an SPF cream to create a barrier, deflect UV rays and absorb harmful radiation. One of our favourites here at skinstation is Dr Dennis Gross Dark Spot Defense Sunscreen SPF 50. This is an exceptionally high-protection, antioxidant rich SPF, to protect skin from signs of ageing like dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles. With added Vitamin C and E,  perfect ingredients to maintain healthy skin, this is a complete all-round SPF. 



How to Reapply Suncream over Makeup without Smudging your Foundation

Now here’s the deal. This hack has been featured on the net all over the world, on Instagram, Vogue, you name it. The secret to its brilliance? A microfiber velvet sponge! 

To master Hannah’s technique, begin by applying a dropper’s worth of your sunscreen directly onto the flat portion of the dry sponge.  Using your sponge, dot it onto your cheekbones and forehead. When it comes to blending the sunscreen in, the key is not to drag the sponge because that would disturb the foundation. Instead, continue with a dotting motion to blend the sunscreen around the face. Once you’ve done the top half of the face, repeat this exercise on the lower half.

So why is this technique so effective? English explains that this type of sponge doesn’t absorb the same way as a normal beauty sponge does. Instead, it presses the sunscreen back into the skin, so you don’t lose product and by using the dotting motion, it doesn’t disrupt foundation. It’s likely though that bronzer and blusher may well be lifted during the process, but you can easily reapply that once you’ve finished reapplying your sunscreen over your foundation. Why not try this technique with another fave or ours, Obagi Matte Sun Shield TM Broad Spectrum SPF50, a high-protection, broad spectrum protection facial SPF, which leaves sheer, matt finish, the perfect complement to foundation. 


It’s important to highlight that dermatologists advise that this reapplication technique works well if you’re only spending short amounts of time outside. For days spent by the pool or visiting the beach, this would not be sufficient. To be fair, your foundation would melt anyway so steer clear of using it when you’re sunbathing. Instead, make sure that you’re reapplying a facial spf, ideally factor 50 to the face, at least every two hours, as well as reapplying sunscreen to your body.

Latest update: 12/08/2021
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