How To Treat Confused Skin

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The truth is that not many of us actually have ‘normal’ skin. In fact, it’s fairly common to have multiple skin issues. I’m in my forties, so ageing is definitely a concern, yet my skin is oily, sensitive, and sometimes prone to hormonal breakouts. Not exactly what you’d call ‘normal’. 

There are so many skin issues that can come into the mix, including rosacea, acne, ageing, dryness, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and so on. If you’ve got more than a couple, it can be difficult to figure out what aspects to treat and which products to use. It’s definitely a case of confused.com.

How to Treat Confused Skin

Okay, so let’s get down to the basics. Fundamentally, the most important issue is the one that’s got the potential to be the most damaging and cause scarring or broken capillaries. That means if you have rosacea or sensitivity, send them right to the top of your list. Left untreated, skin could become inflamed and exacerbate the problem further.

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is typically a thin or a fine-textured skin. It’s quick to react to temperature changes from heat, cold or wind. Sensitive skin may be easily irritated, red, rashy, blotchy or prone to allergic reactions. It requires extra gentle care along with the use of mild products to formulate, help calm, and soothe skin. Sensitive skin can still fall into the oily, dry, problem or combination categories.

Rosacea is a common skin condition where redness tends to spread across the centre of the face. Typically, we think of it as a flushed face with visible blood vessels under the skin.  In some cases, it can become painful and itchy or cause a burning sensation.

Look for products designed for these skin types. We love Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum, which has been specifically formulated with Purslane to suppress irritation and minimise sensitivity, whilst also reducing redness. It cleverly activates the skin’s own antioxidant system to calm inflammation and protect the sensitive cell membranes from free radical attack.


Another great product is Obagi Nu-Derm® Fx Gentle Cleanser. Designed for sensitive, dry skin, it’s an extremely gentle formulation that effectively removes makeup, oil residue and impurities.  Oat Amino Acids, Aloe, Apricot Kernel Oil, Panthenol, Sage Leaf Extract and Borago Officinalis Extract, plus Glycerin work to soothe and hydrate dehydrated skin. 

Skin feels clean, soft, comfortable, and wonderfully nourished after using this mild cleanser. For optimal results, use as part of Obagi Nu-Derm® Fx System.


Dehydrated Skin

Next in line is dehydration. Often misunderstood, this skin issue is actually caused by a lack of water in the skin, rather than of oil which causes dry skin. If dehydration isn’t managed, it can cause flakiness, sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, tightness, dullness, loss of suppleness and fine lines and wrinkles.

Dehydration pretty much affects everyone and can be caused by environmental factors, diet, lifestyle, and genetics. Try SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, an anti-ageing Hyaluronic Acid Serum designed to boost skin hydration and help with skin tissue repair. It’s suitable for all skin types including dehydrated skin, and locks in moisture, helping your skin stay firm and wrinkle free. 


We can’t talk about dehydration without of course mentioning the best-selling Obagi Hydrate®. Clinically proven to improve moisture content and provide moisturisation for up to 8 hours, this daily moisturiser delivers outstanding hydration throughout the day. 

The key to its supreme efficacy is a cutting-edge ingredient called Hydromanil™. These molecules form a matrix, or in layman’s terms, a barrier on the skin’s surface meaning that they can remain on the cells for longer. This is beneficial because it not only prevents water loss, but it also gradually delivers nourishment from active compounds throughout the day. 


This dermatologist-tested moisturiser is suitable for all skin types. After use, skin is left supremely nourished, hydrated, soft and with longer term use, you’ll see a visible improvement to those frustrating signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you’re lucky enough not to suffer from sensitivity, rosacea, or dehydrated skin or if you’re already addressing those issues, you can begin to take a more generalised approach to the rest of your skin care needs.

Skinstation is always on hand to help you with all of your skincare concerns. We’ve even listed products by concern, so that you find the perfect solution for dry skin, oily skin, ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne too.

Latest update: 15/06/2021
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