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A proper skin care regimen should include certain routines or processes to ensure ongoing healthy, lovely skin. Just as you cleanse regularly, exfoliation should be part of your beauty routine. As the skin is a living organism it constantly produces new growth, also in terms of new cell formation which starts in the deeper layers of the skin - the new cells pushing the old ones upward.

For skin to remain beautiful, dermatologists, beauticians and experienced skin care specialists will tell you that the older skin is thus replaced by new growth, by new layers taking the place of the older cells on the skin’s outer layers. As part of your beauty regimen the older skin on the outer layers should now be removed by following a proper skin care routine, which includes exfoliation to ensure that dead cells are removed and only healthy, new skin is visible.

The Effects of Age on our Skin

When you’re young the skin is more active and promotes new growth regularly, meaning the older cells are replaced all the time by this new growth. As we age our body also slows down in terms of skin cell growth and replacement of older layers, often leaving the skin looking dull, flaky and tired because of the older layers.

Exfoliation helps a lot to remove these older, dead cells more quickly. When you assist the skin with this natural process – by exfoliating – you also help it to contain moist better and to, indeed, benefit from the deeper penetration of your daily moisturisers.

Know your Skin

Exfoliation is very often used during facials at your beautician, and depending on the condition of individuals’ skin, chemical peels may be suggested and applied, but this is not necessarily recommended for everybody. For home use some over-the-counter products are bought and applied once, sometimes twice a week for maximum effect.

At Skin Station we believe that virtually every skin care process starts with knowing your skin type (which we discussed in depth recently). It is therefore true for the type of exfoliator one uses too. Some forms of exfoliation are milder and not all products are necessarily recommended for all skin types. For example, people with dry skin should be careful to use exfoliants which are known to contain very strong abrasive agents.

Types of Exfoliation

Generally speaking there are two types of exfoliation: one known as the mechanical exfoliation, the other as the chemical. In the first instance you would use an ordinary washcloth, or a sponge, or body brush to exfoliate – others prefer to buy a product that has been shown to effectively aid exfoliation, such as products containing abrasive agents such as almond or apricot seeds, and various other natural ingredients. One simply follows the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The chemical variety contains different hydroxyl acids and some are available from dedicated retailers and distributors. And, of course, dermatologists and certified beauticians use chemical peels to exfoliate.

At Skin Station, for example, our clients can benefit from a product such as the Deep Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser from Dr Levy of Switzerland. It offers a powerful fusion of both mechanical and chemical micro-dermabrasion which allows deep penetration that stimulates cell growth, pushing out the old cells and adding moisture to aid new growth, and therefore lovely looking younger skin.

Latest Products

These days there are a number of distributors of beauty and skin care products that actually market some very exclusive brands that combine various qualities to aid skin protection and to help keep the skin looking younger for as long as possible. Many of these moisturisers, creams and serums are formulated to contain exfoliating agents.

Of course some of them are exclusively marketed by a few carefully chosen retailers and marketers, and many are not available over the counter in your supermarket and on the high street. They are ordered online from the designated distributors. Because we have always aimed to cater to those clients who are interested in taking special care in their appearance – and therefore in the condition of their skin – we are happy to say that we align ourselves with some of these exclusive brands.

We are happy to recommend, among some, the following products from our online store for the client who wants to buy products containing scientifically researched ingredients such as exfoliating agents. Our Obagi CRX System C-Exfoliating Day Lotion is a great example for this purpose. It is known to gently exfoliate while at the same time hydrating and protecting lovely skin.

Another product from Obagi is the highly regarded 360 System for those with younger skin. This product helps to slow down the visible signs of facial skin aging. A 3rd product which constantly receives very positive feedback is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturiser.


These, and other, skin care products are well-known to gently exfoliate while at the same time replenish lost moisture. We also offer advice and our skin care specialists are always happy to answer questions about issues affecting skin care.


Latest update: 05/11/2019
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