Is It Time for A Springtime Clear Out of Your Cosmetics?

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You wouldn’t eat anything that’s past its shelf life, so why would you use cosmetics that are past their expiry date? We’re all guilty of this from time to time, especially if the product still looks and smells as if it were brand new. Hello 12-month-old mascara wand! Whilst adopting this habit may help your bank balance, it could be doing more harm than good when it comes to your skin. If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time for a cosmetic spring clean. Besides, is there anything more refreshing then decluttering your cosmetics bag or cabinet?

What happens if you use expired makeup?

It is highly recommended that you avoid using expired products. Especially when the texture, scent, and consistency changes. Or worse, when mold begins to appear on the product. Expired skincare and cosmetics can work less efficiently and possibly cause major damage to your skin.

1. Rendered inefficient: while getting a less pigmented lipstick or eye shadow may not cause any serious harm to your skin, it becomes a different story with skincare. For instance, there’d be no point in using an expired SPF that no longer protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s the same with the rest of your skincare. If it’s not doing what it should be doing because it’s way past its usable date, then why continue to use it? 

2. Harboured bacteria: expired cosmetics and skincare tend to harbour bacteria once past their expiration date because the preservatives will no longer be effective. This can cause skin irritations and bumps. Not only that, but it can even cause harmful infections that can result in swelling. 

3. Molecular breakdown: ingredients are made up of molecules and once a product expires, these molecules can break down and be harmful to your skin. If your skin is sensitive, it can cause irritations like contact dermatitis, redness, bumps, rashes, blisters and even swelling.

How do you know if your products have expired?

Aside from monitoring your products for any unusual change in smell, consistency, and texture, you should always check the packaging. There is usually a tiny jar symbol that indicates how long your products will last after removing the seal. It’s best to take note of this upon opening your new product so that you know when it needs to be replaced.


How do you avoid unfinished cosmetics expiring?

One of the key reasons we let our skincare products expire is because we complicate our skincare routines and tend to purchase products we don’t need and therefore, they go to waste. The best thing that you can do in this instance is to invest in uncomplicated, quality, effective skincare products. A great example of such a skincare line is that offered by Obagi. Not only are Obagi products clinically-proven to really help your skin look and feel its best, but they can also reverse the signs of ageing and help you with a range of common skin concerns. It might just be your perfect anecdote to fuss-free skincare that won’t go to waste in your vanity! 

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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