Is your skin getting worse during lockdown? Here's 5 reasons why

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Has your skin been playing up recently? There’s probably more than one reason behind it, but it all comes down to being in lockdown. If you are experiencing agent, aggravated skin and skin issues you don’t normally have to deal with, then you’re not alone. There are ways to prevent and calm your skin complexion, so we’ve had a look at 5 of the top reasons behind your skin worries and how to aid them.

A bad diet will upset your skin

During lockdown at one point or another you’ve probably made plans to eat healthier, start a new diet or start making hearty home cooked meals, now that you can’t get a takeaway or go out to eat. But things don’t always go to plan, and that’s okay. We are all in the same boat of eating throughout the day out of boredom, snacking in between meals and eating all the wrong sorts of foods. A poor diet can affect your skin in more ways than one, with too much sugar causing breakouts and not enough greens giving you a dull complexion. 

Lack of vitamin D can affect your skin

Self-isolating means we aren’t going out as often as we normally would, so taking advantage of your 1 hour exercise time outside every day, will do wonders for your skin. It’s been said that even 20 minutes of sunlight can give us the vitamin hit we need. Not only does vitamin D help prevent skin ageing and give a healthy complexion, but it can give you a mental boost too. Remember to wear a healthy dose of SPF if you are planning on venturing outside, even if there is cloud cover, you still need to protect your skin. 

Stress can aggravate your skin

It comes with no surprise that we are all under some sort of strain at the moment. A lot of uncertainty looms over us in these unprecedented times, and that can lead to stress. This is a completely normal reaction to be experiencing, but if it is getting too much to cope with and affecting your life day to day, it’s best to consult a doctor. Stress can cause havoc on our skin, giving us break outs, oily or dry patches and an overall angry skin complexion. To de-stress and relieve your skin, try exercising to release endorphins, or a relaxing activity like reading, soaking in the bath or meditation.  

Slacking on skincare won’t help your skin

Being at home all day and working from home and with a disrupted daily routine, it's become ever so easy to fall off the skincare wagon. With many of us not wearing as much makeup either, you may be tempted to give your skincare a miss too. Neglecting to cleanse your skin and not applying your everyday moisturiser and serums may be leaving your skin with clogged pores and dryness. If a full on skincare routine morning and night is too much for you right now, maybe opt for a simple face wash and moisturiser combo that’s easy to apply and quick to do. A routine will make you feel more put together and a little more normal despite our current situation. 

Sleep or lack of may be bad for your skin

If you’re not working throughout your time in lockdown you may have let go of your sleeping pattern, because what is there to wake up so early for? This means going to bed late and confusing your sleep pattern can cause skin problems. Without regular sleep your skin won’t be able to repair itself or grow new skin cells as efficiently as it could be. Your skin may be oily or pores may become clogged from spending so much time laying in, in the mornings. Excess oils from your hair and face will be left on your pillow and the longer you spend in bed, the more excess oil you’re going to be rubbing on your face every day. It’s a good idea to wash your pillow regularly and try to stick to a normal sleep pattern for you body to get used to and work it’s magic while you sleep. 

Latest update: 17/03/2021
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