Knowing and Caring For Your Skin Type

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Using the right skincare system is important, but if you’re not sure what your skin type is, you may be using the wrong products to cater for your skin’s needs.

At Skinstation, we want to help you achieve beautifully radiant skin, so here are our tips on knowing what your skin type is and how to care for it.

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When exposed to drying factors such as the wind and changes in temperature, skin can crack, peel, become itchy and irritated and generally feel very dry. This can be made worse by genetic factors, prolonged exposure to UV rays and indoor heating and air conditioning.

Dry skin can produce a dull, rough complexion, less elasticity in the skin, red patches and more visible aging lines.

If you have dry skin, changing your cleansing routines and using the right skincare products can completely transform your skin. TheObagi Nu-Derm system can work to remove the dryness and roughness from your skin to transform it from the inside out, while also containing unique ingredients that combat the signs of aging. Changing your skincare routine to accommodate your dry skin will soothe any soreness and repair any damage to your skin.



Oily skin is particularly common when going through puberty, and can also be caused by stress, exposure to heat or exposure to drying factors that cause your skin to produce more oil.

Oily skin can produce enlarged pores, dull or shiny complexion, blackheads and acne, which can be very difficult to combat unless you use the right skincare products.

Obagi360 is the next generation of skincare for the next generation, working to address the skincare needs of younger skin such as oiliness and acne while also providing the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful, radiant skin. If you have particularly bad acne,CLENZIderm M.D is specially formulated to banish blemishes for good. Using the right skincare will consistently work to combat the oil your skin produces without drying out your skin, leaving you looking and feeling great.

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Sensitive skin can be caused by many things, from genetics to an allergy or skin condition. This can cause skin to feel red, itchy and dry, and can be extremely difficult to deal with.

The first thing you should establish is what kind of products or ingredients irritate your skin, which can be discussed with a dermatologist if you are unsure. Following this, you can then incorporate products that are designed to care for sensitive skin into your skincare routine

The Obagi C Rx system is the ideal skincare system for sensitive skin, helping to cleanse and remove impurities while also providing an effective anti-aging treatment. You have to be careful when dealing with sensitive skin, however if you use the right product you should see a significant improvement in the way your skin looks and feels.



Mature skin needs extra care and attention in order to deal with the changes that are natural with age. Over time, our skin produces less collagen and loses its elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

There are many things you can do to combat these signs of aging, and an effective skincare system can be the best way to resolve these issues without the need for invasive procedures. The Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment restores skin elasticity and targets the most obvious aging signs easily and effectively. Mature skin brings with it many additional requirements, however by using the right skincare system you can work to combat major signs of aging while also helping your skin to appear radiant and beautiful.


By knowing what your skin type is, you can care for it in the right way, and Obagi provides effective skincare for all skin types. If you are looking for Obagi or Dr LEVY products for your skin, Skinstation can provide you with the effective skin treatment your skin deserves. For more information, browse our website today or contact us by calling 01481 736699.

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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