Look After Your Skin in the Summer

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Magazines often advise how to take care of our skin in the winter, to prevent it becoming overly dry or chapped. What do you do to keep a peerless complexion in the summer?

Keep tanning to a minimum: Continuous tanning can greatly increase the risk of skin cancer, while the subsequent dehydration and wrinkling can age your skin. That’s not to say that all sun is bad: a little Vitamin D can go a long way towards giving you that healthy glow. If you like to tan, keep it to sensible levels.

Find the right sun block and stick to it: It’s no longer as simple as looking for a high sun protection factor, or SPF. It only refers to how well the block protects you from the UV ray ultra violet B (UVB); it doesn’t stop ultra violet ray A (UVA). The perfect sun block should protect you from both- look out for blocks containing any of these ingredients: oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, emcasule, avobenzone or zinc oxide. If you’re prone to allergies, it may be worth checking out sun blocks designed with children in mind; they contain less aggravating ingredients.

Although SPF15 may work for most people, you need to consider the fairness of your skin. Certainly one application isn’t enough; you need to keep reapplying throughout the day. While you can get waterproof sun block, you should still reapply after you’ve been for a swim.

Although we strongly advise you to keep out of the sun between 10 am and 3pm, the most damaging times of day, we understand this isn’t always possible. Clothing in outdoor stores often offers UV protection; covering up in lightweight clothes is the best wardrobe choice for protecting your skin and keeping cool. Wearing a hat and sunglasses can also help: while the hat shields your face, the sunglasses will protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and reduce the chances of melanoma and cataracts.

Whatever you do, keep hydrated. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin: neglecting it can lead to spots, wrinkles, frown lines and slackness. Make sure you have a ready supply of water throughout the day. As well as keeping your skin hydrated, water washes out toxins that can damage your complexion.

Eat healthily.  Summer is a great time to change your diet for the better. Ditch the sugar and processed foods, responsible for the unbalanced sugar levels which lead to premature aging; replace them with fruit and vegetables, preferably steamed or raw.

Love your skin: If your skin has been sun damaged in the past, try one of our specialist treatments.  We particularly recommend our range of Obagi products: while Obagi CRx System Early Intervention System for normal to dry skin prevents and limits the damage, the Obagi Nu-Derm Travel set stops pigmentation and supplies the skin with vital nutrients. Please note that these products are prescription only; you will have to provide your medical history before you can make a purchase.

Examine your skin regularly: We advise you to check your skin at least once a month for any signs of sun damage or changes. Please take particular notice of moles that have altered in colour or shape; it’s also a cause for concern if they itch, hurt or bleed.

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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