Make a Change in 2016: 4 Skin Resolutions to Stick to this Year

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We hope that everyone had a fantastic New Year – hasn’t it gone by quickly? Most of us are now happily back at work and thinking ahead to what 2016 has to offer.

Did you all make any resolutions this year? Amongst the usual “lose weight” and “attend the gym more”, we have been thinking about resolutions to make for our skin. As skin experts, we know the importance of keeping your skin in the best condition. This requires a little more than just washing your face every morning.

We thought we would share our 4 skin resolutions for this year – what are yours?

Resolution #1 – Stick to a Routine

The best way to care for your skin is to create a daily routine and stick to it. There is no benefit in applying something once or twice and then forgetting about it, or using something different every time you want to cleanse or moisturise your face. You need to be consistent with your skincare –you should carry out a daily routine that is easy to stick to. This is why we are creating a simple one that we will remember to do every day – we’ll definitely be relying on the fantastic Obagi products that we have here at Skinstation.

Resolution #2 – Always Removing our Makeup

For something that sounds so simple, remembering to remove our makeup every evening is the one thing that we seem to have difficulty doing. Everyone knows that makeup mixes with oils on our skin to give us frustrating spots – so why do we constantly forget to take it all off before bed time? This year we vow to remove our makeup as soon as we get home so that we’re not tempted to get in bed with it still on.

Resolution #3 – Clean our Makeup Brushes Regularly

Are you aware of the amount of germs that live on your makeup brushes daily? A lot of people don’t realise what happens to makeup brushes when they are not properly cared for. Our brushes are actually a breeding ground for nasty bacteria – due to the build up of makeup and skin oils. This can lead to irritation, as well as a breakout of spots. We should wash them weekly but we know we wouldn’t stick to this. Instead, our resolution is to give them a good clean every month. We will do this using baby shampoo and warm water!

Resolution #4 – Keep our Hands Away

A lot of us here at Skinstation will easily admit that one of our worse habits is constantly touching our face and hair with our hands. Even if you have a fantastic skincare routine, you’re undoing all your good work by touching your face with dirty hands. No matter how many times you clean them – you don’t want to be spreading any germs to your face. We aim to keep our hands busy when idle – so that we’re not tempted to touch our skin!

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Latest update: 26/08/2019
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