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You’ve dieted and hit the Zumba circuit so that your body  doesn’t wobble, you’ve cleansed toned and moisturized, manicured and pedicured, primped and preened to within an inch of your life and just as you are thinking” God is good” you peer down.

There they are—those pesky little vertical lines creeping up between your breasts.  When did that happen? Your chest used to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom and now there are more ravines down there than the Grand Canyon.

It’s actually quite thin skin like the skin around the eyes. Think how much time, money and luxury creams have been patted onto those peeps and then think of the years of neglect rained down on your chest. The sunbathing, and lack of tender loving care your poor décolletage has had to endure. No wonder it’s frowning!

A wrinkled old décolletage begins to be a problem for most women as they pass 40. Too much sun, hardly any SPF cream on the chest – even when we were on holiday all we ever thought about was our face and neck.

One of the biggest chest crinklers, apart from the sun and the passing years is the way we sleep. The favoured anti-wrinkle position is flat on your back, thereby avoiding the boob squish that causes that early morning parchment paper look.

The problem is that a damaged décolletage is such a distraction from an attractive face.

But, don’t despair. A wide range of treatments is available to reverse the damage and a multilayered approach is required to restore you lackluster cleavage to its former glory.

The combination of Fraxel resurfacing and IPL photo rejuvenation therapies work to eradicate pigmentation [sun spots, age spots] eliminate broken capillaries caused by sun damage and ageing and stimulate the production of collagen to tighten, plump up the skin and reduce crepiness and lines.

The Obagi Elastiderm Décolletage System contains a skin lightening cream as well as a wrinkle reducing lotion; that enhances and maintains these results It’s a one of a kind therapy that really works to restore to healthy looking skin on your delicate chest and neck. The system consists of two patent pending technologies that use penetrating therapeutics. A skin-lightening complex, which reduces hyper- pigmentation and sunspots and a wrinkle reducing lotion, which contains a unique bimineral complex. Used twice a day you will see real results within four weeks fabulous new décolleté may just be the boost a woman needs and we are definitely worth it!

So –action stations: start treasuring your chest. Lavish it with love, and some serious dedicated skincare and sun creams. Try the new Sun Shield SPF 50. It is the latest addition to the transformational Nu- Derm skincare range by Obagi combining high UVB absorption and dynamic UVA blockage in an elegant matt non-whitening finish. It will keep your puppies protected, and those pesky little lines at bay. Crêpey cleavage, begone.

In times of financial uncertainty, these treatments may seem a little indulgent, but frankly, a fabulous new décolletage may just be the boost a woman needs and we are definitely worth it!

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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