Natural v. Fake: the Eyelash Debate

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Something about today’s popular celebrities and TV shows has made the women of Britain go wild about fake eyelashes. Perhaps it’s copying the style of Nikki Minaj, or wanting to give off an “Only Way is Essex” vibe, but whatever the reason, fake eyelashes are definitely still in fashion. In 2008 Superdrug reported an impressive 110% increase in false lash sales, and although the numbers have fallen since then, women’s eyelashes seem to be growing all the time.

“Faking it” has become part of a normal beauty routine for women who are influenced by models, celebrities and the media. With ever-improving picture editing technology, magazines can airbrush, and enhance celebrities’ looks so that they appear to have naturally huge eyelashes, when in fact they probably look nothing like that in real life. There are now various options for achieving the eye popping incredible lashes that many famous women are sporting including innovative mascara formulas and mink inserts. Below we discuss the pro and cons of each.


Health & Beauty giants such as L’Oreal constantly work on improving the formulas of their mascara, bringing out more amazing products every time. Most mascaras are made from the same combination of pigments and oils, but the brush styles are mainly what create different looks. Mascaras are cheap, but they should be replaced every four months because they tend to dry out and they also grow bacteria if air gets into the tube. If mascara is left on it can cause eye infections and irritation and if remnants are left on your skin, they form wrinkles. Above all mascara is messy; washing it off with a damp cloth can end up staining your flannels, towels and basin, and it can also stain your pillows if you sleep with it on.

False Eyelashes

These are even cheaper than mascara costing between £3 and £15 a pair, depending on what they are made from and the designer. These lashes come in so many different designs that wouldn’t be possible to create with mascara. You can go for super thick lashes, to fanned out ones that get longer towards the outside of the eye. The risk with false eyelashes is that they look “tacky” because they’re cheap. They fall off easily, and there’s nothing worse than someone pointing out to you on a night out that you only have one set of lashes left and the other eye is bald. You can also have allergic reactions to some types of eyelash glue, especially if it contains formaldehyde.

Eyelash Inserts

These are also a form of fake eyelashes, but they have to be inserted by a professional in a salon, rather than glue them on in your bathroom. Eyelash inserts became popular due to celebrities such as Katy Perry and Beyonce. Lash inserts can be made from hypoallergenic plastics, silk and also mink fur. The latter option is not appealing if you’re keen about animal rights or you don’t like the idea of using animal products. Inserts are both expensive and addictive; you need to top them up every 6 weeks as they gradually fall out and can leave your eyelids “bald”. The weight of the lashes can cause your own ones to fall out, and if inserts are used regularly, your own natural lashes may not grow back.

Eyelash Treatments

Recently eyelash enhancing trends have taken a step away from massive, blatantly fake flutters, back to mascara use and conditioning real lashes to make them stronger. A range of serums, conditions and lotions are available from chemists. Products like Latisse are effective, but a prescription is needed and it can have many permanent side effects including discolouring your eyes. Our own Obagi ELASTIlash is an innovative product that enhances your natural lashes, making them stronger, thicker and healthier. One simple brush stroke every night can give you long, luscious natural lashes in just a few weeks. This means you no longer have to spend ages attaching false lashes or topping up expensive inserts; you can simply look naturally radiant.

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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