New developments in eyelash enhancing serums

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In the recent past, if you had weak eyelashes and wanted to do something about it glue on prosthetics or heavy makeup were your only options. Both methods are quite cumbersome and time consuming and often looked quite obvious.  As fun as glittery prosthetic lashes can be at a party, for everyday use even the simplest glue on lashes can be too much.

A new generation of products aims to improve the quality of your eyelashes by improving the health of the roots and strengthening and adding elasticity to the hairs.  This poses obvious benefits over the previous methods. If you have weak eyelashes it is very probable that they are brittle and easily damaged, therefore using glue and heavy cosmetics could very well make your un-made-up lashes much worse than they already were.

Although the initial price of these products is reasonable high, they should be used very sparingly and so cost very little when calculated over the time the product lasts. Some brands suggest as little as £3 per week.

One product of this class that we stock is Obagi ELASTILash.  Not only is it an effective and affordable solution for people with thin eyelashes but it has been developed to eliminate some of the problems other products have caused users.  For example, ELASTILash does not darken the eye or eyelid so it is ideal for those with light skin or eye colour.  It also won’t interfere with any contact lenses and so is safe to use in conjunction with them.  It also shouldn’t irritate the skin as dermatological and opthalmological testing has found it Nonallergenic.  Reviews have been very encouraging and it compares well against prescription medicine in terms of both safety and efficacy.

If you are looking to treat thin eyelashes, this may be just the product for you.  Within a few weeks you could be enjoying fuller, more generous looking eyelashes without risking your health, eyesight or indeed your bank balance. If you start using it now, your improved eyelashes might be full of lustre and ready for Valentine’s Day less than a month away.

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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