On-the-go Beauty Secrets for the Busy Working Woman

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Being a busy working woman leaves little time for important aspects of your life, such as family, friends and me time. Your hectic schedule is easily filled up with meetings, deadlines, work emails and personal goals. This gives you very little time for a pampering session or even a beauty routine. 

Carving out time in your daily schedule for your beauty routine is more than just ‘to look presentable’, it is about showing yourself a bit of self-love and the confidence boost it gives you when you walk into that meeting room. However, here at Skinstation we know that us busy working women do not always have the time for a full 40 minute sit down glam session. So to help you out we have created a few on-the-go beauty secrets to help you look and feel your absolute best, even when time is of the essence...

Pinch your cheeks to get blushed look

This is a very old school on-the-go beauty secret that women have been using for hundreds of years! Having pink flushed cheeks gives you a gorgeous, glowy, youthful and ‘full of life look’. Whilst you can get this look by running for the train or rushing up and down flights of stairs with heavy paperwork, we have a much easier way. If your skin is looking a little pale after an early morning, gently pinch your cheeks with your thumb and forefinger and your complexion will be stimulated with additional blood circulation, giving you a beautifully flushed look (no running necessary!).  

Slick down your eyebrows

If your eyes are the window to the soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains! If you find yourself dashing out of bed in the early hours of the morning, you may find that your eyebrows can look a little unruly. After tossing in turning in bed for hours your eyebrow hairs may have gotten their version of a cowlick and be poking in every direction, except the direction they are meant to be laying. Having a small tin of Vaseline and an eyebrow comb in your bag can be all you need to tame those brows. When you find a spare 20 seconds, simply slick them down and voila, gorgeous brows that will stay all day. 

Moisturise your lips with a clear balm

Who has time in the morning to meticulously apply a bright lipstick? It can take far too long to get your cupid's bow even and for the lipstick to perfectly match the contours of your lips.This is not even taking into account the amount of time and upkeep lipstick takes up during your day! Hello coffee mug lipstick transfer. Your new best friend? A clear lip balm. A clear lip balm doesn’t need a mirror to be applied, it can be thrown on in a rush as you gallop out of the door, it doesn’t transfer onto your morning coffee and it doesn’t bleed. What’s even better is a balm will keep your lips hydrated and soft, giving your pout a beautiful natural highlight.

Use your toothbrush to plump your lips

If you don’t have time for lipstick, you definitely don’t have time for an exfoliating lip scrub! For busy working mums, getting perfectly soft and exfoliated lips can be as simple as adding 15 seconds to your tooth brushing routine. Using your dry toothbrush, gently brush your pout to remove excess dead skin and stimulate circulation. This action will give you perfectly soft-to-touch lips and a natural pink hue. 

Contour your face with fake tan

Imagine being able to skip an entire section of your beauty routine? If it sounds too good to be true, we have the perfect on-the-go beauty hack for you! Fake tan can not only be used for an all over sunkissed look, but it can actually mean the end of applying contour and bronzer in the mornings. If you apply fake tan under your cheekbones, down either side of your nose, around your hairline and under your jaw you will wake up with an instantly contoured complexion and a beautiful sun kissed look. This will give you an extra few minutes in your day. You can thank us later!

Latest update: 24/03/2021
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