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For skin to remain lovely and supple takes discipline and a constant awareness that the use of certain beauty products, and following specific morning and night-time routines, can never be over emphasised. Also, not following a proper routine in winter may be damaging to the skin’s appearance.

We already know we have to drink enough water, avoid certain foods and too much sun. We also know that a cleanser is essential, as is the application of moisturisers, among some of those to protect our skin and enhance its health.

It is also important to consider the influence of the changing seasons on the skin’s condition. Many skin care professionals share the same sentiment with regard to seasonal changes: it does have an influence on the skin’s appearance. So, never forget the importance of what follows here:

A Few Common Mistakes We Make – and a Reminder to heed the Advice

Number 1: Not following the best processes with Flaky Skin. In winter our skin tends to be dry because we spend more time indoors where we concentrate on keeping warm and turning up the temperature. This will, of course, lead to drying out the skin quicker.

The same is actually true for the moment we go out into the cold and wind. Because of the harsh conditions skin is dried out and often left with tiny cracks and flaky patches. Therefore it is always recommended to use a good exfoliator – even more than in summer – to remove these dry bits of old skin. Never scratch them off; you may aggravate the situation and cause some form of skin inflammation.


There are some great exfoliators out there. At Skin Station our experts recommend, for example, the highly thought-of Obagi Exfoderm which is especially great as exfoliating agent for dry, thin or sensitive skin. The phytic acid that the product contains exfoliates dead skin cells in the epidermis to help the formulation penetrate the skin and remove those old cells.


All you have to do is to apply it and afterwards gently remove the old, flaky cells. Another great recommendation in this regard is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel that has the same exfoliating effects on dry, flaky patches.


Number 2: Mistake number 2 – to believe the sun causes no or little damage in winter. We should never accept that, because temperatures outside have dropped, we no longer have to use a good SPF. It is wrong to think that the cooler weather will protect us. The sun is still harsh, and even though we no longer sit on the beach, the glare in winter does cause its damage!

Therefore: wear the sun screen and help to protect your skin form wrinkles, sun spots and other blemishes. One of those that we can recommend for the great results and feedback we receive remains these three: from Dennis Gross the Dark Spot Defence Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with its SPF of 50; the Extreme Protect Treatment SPF 30 from iS Clinical and the multi-purpose MZ Skin Hydrate & Nourish Age Defence Retinol Day Moisturiser with its SPF of 30. These products combine various formulas to nourish the skin – and act as protection against the sun.




Number 3: Not using enough Moisturiser. Many skin care professionals agree that some people believe that colder weather automatically means moist conditions and therefore no great need for moisturisers. The opposite may be true, in fact.

Colder weather, such as winds outside will indeed dry out your skin, hence the need for a good moisturiser. In fact, it may be a great idea to step up the use of your favourite moisturiser, or to change to one with rich formulas known to aid the retention of moist, which is important to keep skin supple and glowing.


Here at Skin Station our regular supporters believe in the great qualities of, for example, the Obagi Hydrate Moisturiser known for its nourishing qualities such as keeping the skin moisturised for hours at a time. Research has shown that the Hydromanil in the formula retains water and moist as it slowly feeds moisture to the skin.


Another example of a moisturiser said to bring positive results is the various booster creams from Dr Levy of Switzerland. These boosters all contain moisturising agents and are recommended for ongoing use. One of them, specifically, is mentioned as a great cream for use in the cold winter months: the Enriched Booster Cream whose ArganCellActiv formula works right into the deeper skin cells. It can be used during the day time, but also at night as part of your skin care routine before you turn in.

Stick to the Facts

Everybody wants beautiful skin. A proper routine is what works all the time. What is important to know is that winter is not necessarily softer on the skin than summer. The above gives some advice in this regard. So, remember the exfoliator, the SPF and the moisturiser as part of your daily routine..

Latest update: 04/11/2019
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