Pregnancy & Your Body! How Does Pregnancy Change Your Body?

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Having a baby can put your body through many changes; and stressful ones at that. We all know what a baby can do to the size of your belly, but having another human on board can cause many temporary changes to your body. These changes can affect your physical, emotional and mental form; but not all of them are negative, and a lot can easily be adjusted.


A lot of women have claimed that having a baby changes your hair dramatically. Some have claimed their hair became frizzier, thinner, coarser or even changed from straight to wavy. The past president of the Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses has said, “What might explain the thinness, at least is that the change in hormone levels causes you to lose hair more rapidly once you’ve given birth, so your hair may suddenly seem thinner”

Estrogen and Progesterone can alter the production of oil and your follicle structure, so if you have curly hair, it may calm down whereas thinner hair may suddenly come to life. After your baby is born, your follicles will enter a falling out phase, but don’t panic, within 6 months they will be back to normal. A hair related product from a beauty specialist can help improve the appearance of any hair, such as eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.


Many expectant mothers will hear of a motherly glow. This glow is caused by high levels of Estrogen, which actually boost the amount of blood going through your body; this is boosted by up to 50% to support the fetus. As well as this glow, which can come and go, there are many less glamorous conditions. You may feel like you are back in high school; with your hormones revving up and break outs on your skin. Your hormones could trigger acne flare ups and your oil glands to become more prominent.  Skinstation have many acne-related products that are natural and healthy for your skin while going through the journey of pregnancy

Immune System

You may be aware of the job that your immune system carries out; it hunts down invading organisms but leaves your baby unharmed. This organ that delivers oxygen cranks out an enzyme that stops it in its tracks and prevents it attacking. Paradoxically, pregnant women are less likely to catch any illness or bug, because the immunity to viruses bumps up in pregnancy. This is certainly a positive for you and your little one.


If you are pregnant and you find your eyes playing tricks on you, it’s mostly likely the fluid retention and high levels of hormones. Some women find that their glasses are not as effective as they previously were. This is because, as your body is changing and swelling, so do the corneas of your eyes. As your corneas thicken and curve more, how they refract images into the eye changes. If you wear contact lenses, it may be a safer option to switch to glasses for the time being. The good news is that it will return to normal within 3 months of your new born being born. An under-eye treatment will help your eyes feel lifted and rejuvenated and from this, will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Hands and Feet

Hormonal changes and fluid retention in your body can cause your wrists and fingers to ache, or they might feel numb and tingly. There is also the possibility of experiencing pain in your arms or hands. A lot of women suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy which causes these pains. Although 45% of women go through this, it always almost goes away after delivery. If your job involves nonstop hand movement or a lot of walking, try changing position often and take frequent breaks. If typing, make sure your arms are straight. Yoga can help this, or stretching the muscles in your hands and feet. Your feet can also swell due to fluid retention; if your job or daily routine allows you to, get those shoes off for a while.

At Skin Station, we aim to provide you with the best possible skincare during and after your pregnancy. We offer a wide variety of products to make your journey of pregnancy and the post-pregnancy, as joyful as when the little one arrives.

If you would like to know any more about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists, who would be happy to answer any pregnancy related questions about what could benefit you.

Latest update: 21/08/2017
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