Seasonal Skin Care: How to transition your skincare routine from summer to autumn

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Summer was lovely while it was here but there’s no escaping the fact that autumn is inevitably drawing in, the evenings are getting darker quicker and the mornings are getting a bit chilly. To make sure your skin doesn’t suffer in the cold and harsh conditions this autumn and winter you need to make some changes to your skincare routine. For a seamless transition from summer to autumn, follow these 4 tips and your skin will stay radiant all year round.

Cut back on harsh exfoliants

When it gets closer to winter, exfoliating should still be top of the agenda. Just as you would exfoliate in the summer due to things like discolouration of the skin from sun exposure, for autumn try a gentle liquid peel like the one from Dr Dennis Gross. The transition from summer skincare routine to autumn should focus on hydrating the skin, repairing any sun damage that happened over the summer and exfoliating with more gentle products. 


Try out a face oil

We all know that the more extreme weather months from October to February over autumn and winter mean that your skin gets the brunt of the forecast with age lines and wrinkles becoming more prominent. A face oil with antioxidants is great at combating these issues, along with adding an added layer of light moisture to your routine. If you haven’t already jumped on the fail oil bandwagon, then this autumn is the perfect time to do so, if you haven’t tried a face oil before the product to start with is the Lumity Nutrients facial Oil. 

A face oil with fatty acids will keep your skin looking firm and revitalised even on the greyest autumn days. This is because of it’s hydrating benefits that your skin needs to transition from the humidity of the summer air to the dryer autumn breeze. 


Choose a thicker moisturiser to layer

Just like those brown crispy autumn leaves, your skin can become dry and cracked if not properly moisturised. Instead of rays of sun drying out your skin, this time of year it's the cold, dry air and harsh winds that will do your skin more harm than good. Choosing a thicker, richer moisturiser that will really help your skin with dryness and the abrasion of the autumn weather. A great option for a thicker moisturiser is the Dr Levy Enriched Booster Cream. A heavenly, creamy product that will leave your skin feeling plump and full of life. This product is great as a day or night cream and won’t leave your skin feeling shiny if you suffer from oily skin.


Add a body lotion into your routine

It’s not just your face that needs hydrating in the transition from summer to autumn. Your whole body needs moisture to avoid dry, flaky skin especially on your knees, elbows and hands. To stimulate collagen production in your skin, try an all over body mask in your skincare routine; this will help soothe any dry skin and promote the reproduction of skin cells making for a luscious glow all over. A lotion we recommend that can be used all over the body is Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream.


And so there you have it, an autumn proof guide to making your skin feel refreshed and healthy even in the cold weather. Wrap up warm and protect your skin from the elements with these products to see you through the transition from a summer to autumn skincare routine.

Latest update: 16/09/2019
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