Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Radiant Through Autumn

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Just because summer is nearly over, it doesn’t mean we should stop looking after our skin and aiming for that effortlessly glowing and radiant skin we all dream of.

The colder seasons possibly cause even more damage to skin cells than the sun-filled ones, so here are a few skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh all year round.


I know we always say it, but water really does do wonders for your skin, no matter what the season. Water is the greatest and most effective way of nourishing the skin, and provides fantastic hydration to skin cells and skin layers. You should aim to drink 2 litres of water a day, so always try to carry a bottle of fresh water around with you. For a hot alternative, herbal tea is great and offers the same benefits as water, with a bit more flavour!


Sometimes your skin will require a good scrub and facial exfoliant in order to remove dead skin cells. Try to add exfoliating to your beauty regime once a week. Your skin will soon start to feel soft, fresh and clear of any flaky and dry skin.


Moisturiser helps protect the skin from moisture loss, so choose a moisturiser that is perfectly suited to your skin type. Some creams and lotions can actually dry skin out rather than moisturising them, so be sure to choose high quality products.


Don’t stop applying sunscreen just because summer is over. Before you leave the house, apply a thin layer of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more – this will protect your skin from the elements and create a barrier from the harsher weather. Moisturisers with a sunscreen combination are also ideal for protecting your skin.

Wear gloves

It may seem obvious, but it really works. The skin on your hands is easily damaged by harsh elements, so why expose your hands to the cold? Purchase a good pair of quality gloves that will not irritate your skin. If you are allergic to fibres such as wool, wear a cotton mitten underneath.

Don’t blow dry

Unfortunately, the blow drier shouldn’t be a part of your beauty routine in the winter months. Hot air will dry out your scalp and can also irritate your skin. Try leaving your hair to dry naturally and go for a wavy style or the tousled look. (Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to allow hair to dry though, going outside with wet hair is really not good for your health!)

Treat your lips

We know it’s hard, but try to avoid licking your lips. During the winter months, chapped lips are far more common and can cause discomfort for long periods of time. Keep a lip balm in your bag and apply it regularly throughout your day!

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Latest update: 12/11/2019
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