Skincare Guide by Skin Type

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Skin care should not centre on products, rituals or whim. Rather, skincare regimes should always be centred on your skin type. Everyday women waste money and time using products that are not appropriate for their skin type. If a particular treatment leaves your skin damaged, irritated or otherwise unhappy it may not be a sign of a poor product, but simply be that you are using an inappropriate treatment for your skin type.

So, what is the right treatment for your skin type?

Well, this depends on what type of skin you have. Every individual is unique and so is their skin. The main three skin issues people regularly report to us with are dry skin, oily skin and acne. These are all skin issues which can be worsened if you try to treat them with the wrong products.

Greasy and Oily Skin

Here at Skinstation we advise that Individuals who struggle with skin which is oily or greasy should first try to improve this, especially if they are also prone to oily skin elsewhere on their body, by cutting down on the refined sugar and carbohydrates they eat. As well, you might want to try swapping dairy products for soy replacements.

For faster acting results or to speed up the effects of positive lifestyle changes, at Skinstation we further advise the use of Obagi Clenziderm MD: Daily Care Foaming Cleanser as a daily treatment. Obagi Clenziderm MD: Daily Care Foaming Cleanser helps to remove daily residues, dirt and lift excess oil and is suitable for people with large pores.

Prone to Bouts of Spots or Mild to Moderate Acne

Bouts of acne can be triggered or exacerbated by number of different causes, from stress to hormone imbalances. Because there can be so many different and co-existing contributing factors which cause acne break outs isolating and addressing these causes can be a complicated if not impossible task. For this reason, at Skinstation we advise that those suffering with acne consult a pharmacist or better yet their GP before changing or implementing a new skincare regime.

For mild to moderate acne and normal to oily skin types, we have a number of treatments which can improve the vibrancy, alleviate acne and remove excess oil. Of these treatments, we would recommend Obagi Clenziderm System. Obagi Clenziderm is a benzoyl peroxide therapeutic system, specially formulated to tackle stubborn bouts of acne and can begin to improve your skin within two weeks.

Dry Skin

Dry or flaky skin is often considered the lesser of two evils in the ‘oily vs. Dry skin’ war, but anyone struggling to manage dry skin will know that it can have a detrimental effect on your confidence and appearance. Dry skin which is left untreated can also become sore and leave skin open to infection and irritation. 

A great way to combat dry skin is to avoid sunbeds, extreme weather conditions and temperatures and up your avocado consumption. Avocados are packed with essential oils, minerals and vitamins which over time can improve the health of your skin.

If you find your dry skin does not improve or worsens, leaving you with poor skin health, Skinstation recommend you begin using an Obagi C Rx System. Obagi C Rx provides damaged skin with a high level of protection to promote a healthier, refreshed and revitalised appearance and rejuvenate your skin. Because it provides such a high level of protection, Obagi C Rx can further improve the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and help create a more even overall skin tone.

Latest update: 12/11/2019
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