How To Start a New Beauty Routine For Autumn

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We’ll soon see these hot summer temps give way to cooler autumn air. Hygge, hot chocolate, and cosy nights by the fire aside, what comes to mind for any self-confessed beauty addict is the dread of dry, patched and flaky skin. Well, it’s no wonder as the cooler months tend to strip your skin of moisture. And with that in mind, you can’t exactly afford to stick to the same summer skin routine and expect it to be just as effective, can you? Sadly, with frigid temperatures around the corner, that cooling, minty fresh lotion that was the star all through summer simply won’t cut it. As autumn tends to mark the start of new beginnings, your skin care habits should be no different. It’s time to shake up your beauty routine and prep your skin for winter blues whilst repairing the summer’s sun damage.

Overwhelmed already? Don’t be! Perfecting your new autumn skin care routine doesn’t have to be a nightmare, nor does it mean overhauling the types of products you use entirely. A few simple swaps, and a handful of tips will do the trick to ensure your skin continues to glow no matter what the climate throws at you.


When the air gets drier, denser, and colder, your skin becomes thirsty and requires long-lasting hydration. Think about switching from lightweight moisturisers to thicker, ultra-hydrating creams. But don’t forget the golden rule of skincare and always use products that suit your skin type. If you have super dry skin, go for something oil based for better absorption against harsh winter winds. If you have oil or acne-prone skin, stick to water-based products to help keep excess sebum production at bay and don’t forget to steer clear of anything that contains alcohol to prevent over dehydration.

Obagi Hydrate is one of our favourite products that’s been developed for all-day hydration, promising a glowing, more radiant complexion.

obagi nu derm hydrate


Your skin may be recovering from lingering sunburn or pigmentation from the hot weather which impacts the overall health of your skin. To repair that summer skin damage, opt for antioxidant-rich face oil formulated to heal dry patches, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. For oily or combination skin, seek the help of an exfoliator to accelerate skin surface rejuvenation.

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Regardless of the season, you still need your SPF for ultimate sun protection. We can’t stress this one enough! A change in season from summer to autumn doesn’t mean the sun has gone anywhere and its rays are still very much harmful to your skin. Be sure to always slather a moisture-rich daytime cream with an appropriate SPF to shield your skin from harmful UV.

Looking for a powerful sunscreen lotion? Obagi Tinted Sun Shield SPF 50 Warm is the ultimate skin defence against UVA and UVB rays and infrared rays. The lotion penetrates deeply into the skin and matches the natural skin undertone.

obagi sun shield

With the onset of changing seasons causing all sorts of health issues, from common colds and allergies, equip your skip to take on the change in weather so you have that one less thing to worry about! Goodbye sensitive, dry skin. Hello blush cheeks and fabulous winter outfits.

If you’re on the hunt for some powerful products to revamp your skincare regime, explore our winter skincare range and safeguard your sensitive skin against the vagaries of weather. 

Latest update: 11/01/2020
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