Skincare Tips for Hairy Men

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Maintaining your skin is an important ritual that you should ideally be undertaking every day, as this will ensure that your skin will stay looking younger for longer. However, when it comes to men that are relatively hairy compared to others, it can be quite difficult to maintain your skin.

However, we at Skinstation know about all the tricks of the trade, meaning that we know some incredibly useful tips and tricks to take care of your skin is you have a bit more hair on your body than usual.

Tip 1: Use a Different Moisturiser

Have you ever tried to apply a moisturiser to a patch of skin that is coated with hair? If so, then you will know how tricky it is to do so. The hair strands act as a miniature barrier that prevents any of the moisturiser you have applied from reaching the skin; this is annoying if you tend to suffer from a condition like eczema under a patch of hair.

The best way to deal with this is to invest in an oil-based moisturiser, as this will be able to work with the natural oils on the hair, meaning that it can reach the skin with ease.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Harsh Exfoliants!

This may a bit unnerving, but men that are naturally hairy don’t need an exfoliant when washing their face or body. The hair itself, since it is relatively coarse, acts as a natural exfoliant, meaning that an additional exfoliant could make the skin worse, as it will be stripping off too much skin and can cause irritability.

The best plan of attack, if you want to ensure your skin remains healthy, is to look for a light exfoliant that lathers as usual, but isn’t harsh on the skin. An example of a light exfoliant that can also provide an excellent lather and cleanse is the Obagi Exfoliating Day Lotion.

Tip 3: Make Sure You Take Care of Ingrown Hairs Properly

This is the bane of a hairy man’s life; ingrown hairs are annoying and can lead to inflammation, pain points, and breakouts anywhere on the body, from the face to the legs and arms. It’s unfortunate that the more hair you have on your body, the more likely you will suffer from ingrown hairs.

As such, is important to plan for such an event; it’s a lot easier to plan on how to deal with ingrown hairs sooner rather than dealing with the pain that they can cause. The important thing to remember when it comes to ingrown hairs is that they are similar to spots, but you can’t squeeze them in order to remove them.

An easy way in which you can prevent ingrown hairs is to use a pore cleanser, as this will be able to target any areas that could potentially lead to ingrown hairs; the Obagi Clenziderm MD Pore Therapy could be a great solution to this problem.

Once you take these into account, your skin will retain its optimum glow, even if it is hidden away by body hair!

At Skinstation, we want to make sure that all our clients are happy with the end result, as well as making sure that they are safe, which is why we intensely test our products to ensure that they are perfect for everyone.

If you want to know more about the skincare brands that we can provide for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01481 736699 and one of our skincare specialists will be more than happy to help.


Latest update: 11/11/2019
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